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  1. imaleo

    Bourne coming to USH?

    Is it possible for bourne to come to USH? after the loss of 2 shows, im sure it is. But where? If i were to say a location, it would be a simpsons replacement.
  2. H

    Horror Nights Hollywood, Wrong Tickets

    Hey everyone, Bought Univeral Horror Tickets for Hollywood instead of Orlando by mistake and Attraction Tickets won’t refund or swap them so I have 2 tickets for 1st October at Hollywood going, send me a message if anyone is interested otherwise they will just go to waste . They were £63 each...
  3. E

    Universal San Diego park idea

    It would be very cool to finally have a second gate for Universal Studios Hollywood, but the only problems are that the new park would have to end up being placed over the entire Universal film lot, and putting the park on nearby property would be a big no-no. So for my second gate idea, it...
  4. Jamie Simms

    Jurassic World – The Ride Closing for Refurbishment on 18th February

    Guests who are planning on visiting Universal Studios Hollywood in the next week should bare in mind that Jurassic World – The Ride will be closed for refurbishment on the 18th February, 2020.
  5. Chris

    Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Exclusive Premiere 4/11 - 4/12/2019

    Dark Arts at Hogwarts™ Castle Premiere Event - Universal Studios Hollywood
  6. kimberlyduncan20

    Reserving a Banquet Room for 10 People at Universal?

    Hello, I am wanting to reserve a banquet room for my company of 10 people. The plan is present a keynote type presentation to my employees of 10 people. I checked the Universal a Hollywood site and I see that I can reserve Harry Potter World and even Moe’s at Springfield Land but all these...
  7. haylee


    Hi everyone! My name is Haylee and I actually joined in July, but didn't know this existed until yesterday and I also haven't been on in a while. I have been a pass holder for USH since 2011, and I used to go to DLR every weekend for years! If you couldn't already tell, I love those parks...
  8. Chris

    Inside Universal Meetup - Hollywood: Lunar New Year 2019

    Thursday, February 7, 2019 Join Inside Universal for a very unique experience. Universal Studios Hollywood is offering a Q&A session with Tye Beeby - Show Producer with Universal Entertainment Production for Lunar New Year 2019. Guests of this special event will have a private opportunity to...
  9. CowMissing

    FROM THE VAULT: Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure 2007

    Universal Studios Hollywood SHOW MUSIC Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Halloween Horror Nights 2007 This is the official finale music and audio disclaimer tracks played inside the Castle Theater (Fear Factor Live! - The Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Musical - Special Effects...
  10. Chris

    StudiosAdventure.com - December 16, 2018

    Inside Universal is partnering with Third Gate Games for their event at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday, December 16, 2018. To register, visit StudiosAdventure | Just another Third Gate Games Site *Theme Park admission is required in addition to the registration fee. Check your annual...
  11. Chris

    Inside Universal - Hollywood: October Meet-Up 2018

    Join the Inside Universal West Coast Editor Team to get a personal perspective of your favorite theme park and meet the community. The day will begin at Universal Citywalk before walking into Universal Studios Hollywood to enjoy the park as a group.* Meet-up location will be at 10:00am on the...
  12. T

    Seeking advice for orientation - USH

    Hi! First, I’m new on this forum but I’ve been a fan of Universal Studios for awhile. I landed a summer job at Universal Studios Hollywood and I was just wondering if people could describe their first week working as a summer hire? Specifically if you had to wear the non-slip shoes to...
  13. L

    USH Auditions: Tram Tour Guide

    Hey all! I have an upcoming audition coming up as a Studio Tour Guide and I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this audition process? If so, are there any tips you could give me/us? Anything I/we should be ready for one we go into that audition? Anything AND everything is extremely...
  14. DisneyDweller

    Universal Hollywood Metro station

    Has anyone ever traveled from LA (Hollywood Blvd area) to USH via LA Metro? looks like there's a stop right across the street from the entrance. Is it easy for pedestrians to get from the station into the park and back?
  15. CowMissing

    From The Vault - Beetlejuice's Rockin' Graveyard Revue (1995 - 1999)

    It was time to release the musical score to the fan favorite show, Beetlejuice's Rockin' Graveyard Revue. The score was synced to a video which was videotaped and edited by Dave Edison. Dave's full version of the video is located below. I also included the track "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)"...
  16. CowMissing

    How to use the Child Switch program

    Universal Studios Hollywood Child Switch Program - Explainer Video (2017): What is child switch? How does it work? At each of Universal Studios Hollywood's attractions, they offer a “child switch” program. If any child in your party cannot ride an attraction, one or two adults can wait with...
  17. CowMissing

    USH - Mobile App

    The Official Universal Studios Hollywood App Smartphone - Explainer (2017): Download the free App! Navigate the Theme Park and CityWalk Hollywood with interactive maps, wait times, show times and more – all in the palm of your hand. Download the Official Universal Studios Hollywood App...
  18. Paulio

    Why didn't the Amazing Spider-Man ride go to Hollywood?

    I heard that the Amazing Spider-Man ride was supposed to be ported to Universal Studios Hollywood after the success of the Island of Adventure's version and after Universal Studios Japan got theirs, but apparently the plan fell through for some reason. Why is that?
  19. martydmc12

    Attraction Memorabilia (Props, Signage, Posters)

    I've been looking to acquire props, signage, advertising, anything and everything from the Back to the Future... The Ride at both the Florida and Hollywood parks. I'm not talking about stuff you could buy from the stores either, but actual props, signage, costumes, behind-the-scenes material...
  20. CowMissing

    Halloween Horror Nights 2011

    Scream 4 Your Life STAB 8 - Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios Hollywood (2011):