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Antarctica - Empire of the Penguin

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Oh interesting... like the whole creative design team at the company simply doesn't exist anymore? That would certainly explain the lack of... well, creative design in every new project after Brian Morrow's exit from the company, though it also throws some cold water on my hopes of oneday being on that team lol.

I do agree either the space on this ride could've better utilized the trackless vehicles or it could've fit in more show scenes with a traditional vehicle like those used in the Sally dark rides. But, like I said, I'll take this over no dark ride every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Until the company has its eventual epiphany that it needs to put actual effort and creativity into new projects I don't know if I even trust them to build a replacement for this, as it'd probably just end up being another unthemed roller coaster.
No I'm sure they still have the "Seas Creative" thing, there's just a lot of fresh faces...and I'm sure, very very tight creative control

The Manby/Morrow era is over though frfr
When you see the land clearing happening, the site looks much bigger:

I'm really hoping that this gets scenery/rockwork as part of it, or at least some decent landscaping.
I really want some of those "alpine" trees around it like they just removed around the building. They're same kind of pines they have in front of Hogwarts Castle which give it a less tropical look and feel. A few rocks would be nice too, but I'm not holding my breath.