Back to Hogwarts Event


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Mar 17, 2008
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So I was just reading through my UOAP Newsletter and on the last page it has a schedule of upcoming events and listed for September is an event called Back to Hogwarts. I had a look around online and couldn’t find any information about the event so is it new for this year?

Here’s the official description:
“Don your robes, grab your wands, and prepare to join in on the start of the school year at Hogwarts with fan activities and magical experiences at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Join the UOAP Facebook group at you to be the first to get event details. Select dates in September.”


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Feb 15, 2012
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Sept 1st is the day in the books the Hogwarts Express leaves for Hogwarts. When Hogsmeade opened an unofficial group would meet yearly at Hogsmeade and when Diagon opened they started in Diagon, took the 11am train, then went to Hogwarts.

I guess they’re making it an official event now?


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Mar 30, 2015
It's already announced tho. An event to give ride details and a name would be what I would expect at some point and for it to be vloggers/bloggers only.
The tickets were already gone this morning. Deffo a vlogger event.


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Sep 22, 2011
You know what I mean, don't be difficult
I’m not being difficult, I’m being practical. I just don’t see it likely Universal announces anything at this.

The tickets were already gone this morning. Deffo a vlogger event.
No, it’s an AP event. Bloggers typically end up making up most of the people at these events yes, but what I mean by what I said is an invitation only event, likely held in Soundstage 33.