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Busch Gardens Williamsburg


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Dec 13, 2009
Yes, that was such a waste that they wouldn't do the necessary maintenance on Darkkastle. I really enjoyed that early SpiderMan copy ride. The storyline was a bit confusing but the ride was still very much fun and entertaining.
Similar to Atlantis, it quickly went downhill after AB moved out

Ironically, BGW has had a good run of simulators/dark rides
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Jul 8, 2019
On one hand, I’m a little skeptical that they’ll stay open through January, February, and March in 2021 like the tweet says and instead they’re hiring non-seasonal to start in March and then go through the winter in 2022.

On the other hand, BGT has thrown together a Mardi Gras event that I don’t remember that’ll run starting in mid-January, and BGW has waited until the last second to announce their next event, and their Christmas dates run through January 10th.... so BGW Mardi Gras starting the next weekend?

Hopefully they’ve figured out that locals will turn up for these half-park events all year and then tourists can fill it in the summer.

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
Similar to Atlantis, it quickly went downhill after AB moved out

Ironically, BGW has had a good run of simulators/dark rides
When BGW was run by Busch, they understood their tourist base better. This is an area that gets some of the largest tourism numbers in the country, and a pretty affluent one at that due to the historical nature of the tourist attractions (Williamsburg, both Jamestown attractions, Yorktown, Carter's Grove Plantation). But the tourist demographic is a tad older than some others. Thus, BGW used to cater to that demographic with lots of high quality live entertainment and the adjacent brewery complimentary beer . Their attendance was decent when they did that. But after they cut most entertainment, and quit maintaining attractions, their attendance dropped significantly . They had a few high quality coasters, but they weren't anywhere close to being a 'coaster park'. Now they've basically become a 'coaster park', with just about everything new a coaster, they lost their niche, and while coasters are fine for the younger demographic, they no longer have much to do for those throngs of tourists that attend the historical sites. Due to their location in this historical hotspot, they are in a different position than the Cedar Point/King's Island/King's Dominion/Six Flags of the world. They've really lost their way and need to return to that nice niche they had 12/13 plus years ago. I used to vacation there most every year and the numbers of middle aged and older guests was quite large. I no longer have any interest in going there since it's no longer a balanced theme park, albeit a beautiful one. It's really just become another Six Flags or Cedar Fair coaster oriented park.