Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Jul 12, 2009
NJ -> Orlando
Yeah, having all these qualifications and conditions in order to be “record-breaking” is exhausting lol. When every coaster opening this year is the tallest/fastest/longest something it all just runs together.

Can we, as an industry, all agree it doesn’t mean anything and just enjoy good coasters :lol:
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Dec 22, 2019
I'm pretty excited for this coaster. I'd never been to this park until this past Thanksgiving for the Christmas Town event. And since then, my family and I have gone 4 times and got a season pass.

The only coasters open were Verbolten and Invadr, so getting Pantheon in May (according to the trams driver during her talking on the intercom to guests) and being able to ride the other awesome coasters I've heard so much about has me real excited to get back to this park.

The park itself is beautifully themed, I thought.