Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
Probably the only way to continually get people to go back there, after the opening year crowds, is to either build a small land around it, or to have a significant expansion of the Oktoberfest area with shops and restaurants on a path leading to it. That area was too far off the beaten track when it was Drachen Fire. Even if the coaster was decent, it would have been a task to get crowds to go back there.

bob albert

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Sep 18, 2015
Skyrush restraints hurt and are terrifying in a bad way. I would hope they would never be used again.


May 12, 2018
Orlando, FL
Also if you check on BGWFans they have posted a pic yesterday of PATHEON'S track which is gold and believe the supports are like a white type color. But pics are on BGWFans Instagram and Twitter feeds.
Can't wait to go up next year and try it out, plus say hey to my old crews from when I worked there.
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bob albert

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Sep 18, 2015
Maybe I should buy the season pass at sea world mid year for a premium so I hit the rides in both seasons even though the sales will be bad.


Mar 25, 2010
It'll be a good coaster, but it's a terrible fit for the park. BGW already has two launch coasters with backwards elements.
The way things have been leaning lately i'm guessing launches are the way of the future. Also are you really trying to compare this to tempesto?


Nov 30, 2012
I just have a feeling this will be more of a one trick pony because of the height.

Really interesting to see the park president came back. I'm guessing the defections were due to the new CEO who left. Wonder if anyone else is coming back? John Reilly would be a welcome replacement CEO (since he did it already), though I doubt he would since he was passed over before.
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