Disney Skyliner - Gondola Transportation System

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
I give Disney a BIG thumbs up :thumbsup: for putting this system in. It was like a fun attraction in itself, but most important, it's a HUGE transportation upgrade. If you're staying at any of the three Sky resorts, it greatly cuts down on transportation time to DHS & Epcot, and makes it super easy to return to your hotel room for a mid day break, and also enhances park hopping. It gives those resorts a kind of Universal feel for easy and quick access to the two parks on the line. The trip from getting in line at Arts of Animation to departing at DHS (and that includes a stopover to switch over at Caribbean Beach line) is a short 15 minutes. Epcot ends up apx. 22 minutes. The trip from Caribbean Beach would be about half those times. There never was a line at the stations, except for park closing when the masses were leaving the parks. And even then, with those huge crowds, our wait in line was less than ten minutes. I can't overstate how excellent this system is. Damn, so much better than waiting for a bus, or driving your own car to the parks.