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General Discussion - Jurassic World: The Ride

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The dragon on FJ is still down? It’s been down since the beginning of the year! Wonder when they’ll fix it soon.

Yeah the I-Rex has been down for a few weeks apparently.
FJ has never had any official refurbishment, also expect the dragon to be down till summer or longer. From what I heard it’s just because they get lazy and don’t do the routine maintenance in time so they have to leave the dragon off for the ride to run basically lol
I finally got around to binge-watching "Camp Cretaceous", I know.. bad dino fanboy & ride-op. I'm watching it now before "Chaos Theory" starts :lol: my only motivation... anyway..

Season 1 - Episode 6
"Welcome to Jurassic World"

While I will never NOT gripe about the "River Adventure" being a kayak instead of a legit water ride like at the parks, I was happy they included references- "River Adventure" ride title, an actual switchback queue, hadrosaur "knocking your boat off course", & the drop.

There was a dino aspect that I wish they would've added to our ride during the revamp. The Parasyphilis (too lazy to pull up the name, so you get what I called it), had a genetic "glow up" from Dr Wu adding a bioluminescent gene. This gave them a glowing stripe on their head/back. This type of gimmick would've been a great enhancement for those nighttime rides.
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