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General Discussion - Jurassic World: The Ride

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Brian G.

Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Jurassic World: The Ride is currently under a soft opening. A “Soft Opening” is essentially a technical rehearsal of a new attraction or a final release candidate test for the ride. All the major components are installed and operational but some tweaks, changes, and updates will occur prior to the grand opening.

“Soft Openings” are never promised. There is no guarantee the ride will be opening. The ride might only open for a period of time, all day, or not at all depending on any issues or changes. There is no set schedule or guarantee it will be open until it’s officially Grand Opened.

This thread is for general discussion of the attraction. For large photo updates and to post reviews visit the Reviews & Media thread.

NOTE: While we ask for posters not to spoil the attraction this thread naturally will contain some spoilers. Consider this your last warning.
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Initial Thoughts (Watching Videos):

- Seems to be a great ride

- Narration, design, e.t.c. all play into the new, modernized Jurassic World Theme.

The ride seems to be a bit.... um, cartoony? Not complaining, just an observation...

Edit: One of the things I admired about the old ride was the soundtrack. Does anyone else think the soundtrack is overdone in this iteration? Sometimes I think the ride should convey the emotions itself rather than the music.
I can't believe i actually guessed the 4th. So! Do we have to hide spoilers?

( brief thoughts)
Key story elements changed to fit JW. This is technically the same ride with a new beginning and end.
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I don't know how to feel about it to be honest. What exactly is the new ride tech being used here?
The use of the parallax screens with the Mosasaurus scene (alongside the shift from daytime/nighttime that's been starting to be done with other new attractions for the scene in particular).
Thank you for explaining. That's pretty cool.