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Great Movie Ride Closing?

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
John Wayne rides off into the sunset for the last time....The Yellow Brick road goes on forever....Dorothy holds Toto, as she smiles with her friends Tin Man, Lion, & Scarecrow...Bogartt & Bergman Play It Again Sam, and leave on the plane TOGETHER....The Gangsters WIN...Mary Poppins umbrella gets inside out from the Kansas tornado wind....Gene Kelly slips on the water in Singin In the Rain and wrenches his knee...The Berkely dancers change unto Rockettte outfits as Universal hires them to star in Jimmy Fallons Race Through NY attraction...The Wicked Witch torches the Munchkin Village.....Tarzan & Jane have Roast Cheetah for their last dinner.....The Alien eats Sigourney Weaver...and Mickey steps from Fantasia into his very own Cartoony Land.....THANKS for the MEMORIES!!!...:):cheers: :thumbsup:
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Jul 18, 2008
I recommend fans of the attractions to check out Bioreconstruct's pictures of WDWNT's after hours goodbye party inside TGMR. Lot's of interesting pictures.
Know where I could find this?

Went to the closing of GMR last night. It was cool to see it with a 2 hour wait (I had a FP for it). Probably the first time I've seen that since the early 90's. The guests reactions to it and applause at the end actually was loud and thunderous (though the onboard acting was as poor as ever). I did think it was a nice touch when the guide came back after the temple scene and said, "Not bad for my last movie." Even though I didn't think I would be, it IS sad to lose the one slow moving dark ride after all.
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Brian G.

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Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Well I got to ride it a couple times yesterday. Seems like our rides was also the last rides for our guides, who completely lost emotion at the finale/exit. I honestly wished it didn't close, as GMR was one of my favorites and have a lot of fond memories riding it - but it is what it is.


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Sep 23, 2012
I won't miss the ride that much, don't get me wrong I liked it but it was kinda dated and times move on, would be nice if they repurposed some of the sets, props and AAs elsewhere though, even if it was just in the lobby at say all All Star Movies.

However, I think the biggest shame is the facade. We spent years demanding that the BAH get torn down so we can see the chinese theatre facade only problem now is that the facade will not represent the new ride in any way whatsoever. at least with TGM it kinda fit.