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HHN 27: The Fallen

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The Fallen will take place in an ornate cathedral and pit eternal winged creatures against mortals. Expect lots of stunts with the beasts leaping and flying overhead.

Expect more details soon.
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i wonder if there will be a room the resembles catacombs. if for nothing other than to pay homage to what almost was.
House logo:

It’s the ancient battle between good and evil. The Fallen are flying, jumping, and crawling up from the kingdom of darkness and laying waste to all who cross their path of destruction. These creatures are awesome…and yes, I did say flying. This house is a mix between beauty and decay, high screech and deep roar, and delivers more surprises than I can fit in this paragraph.

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Another description:

The Dark Warriors Have Descended

You're about to be caught in the crossfire of the eternal war of light versus dark. Weave through the killing fields, where the Fallen feed on mortal flesh. Dark warriors wield sacred weapons, torturing humanity. As you go deeper into the fray beneath brimstone skies, it's clear the black tide is rising and no one will be saved.
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So this will this actually have metal playing like in the trailer? I wouldn't expect so since it shares a soundstage with Dead Waters.
I can see ops forcing some changes to the lighting of this house. It's too dark at times to know which direction you should be going, and they had ops people walking into scenes where they shouldn't be to push people along.

The house itself was pretty good but definetely not the best this year.
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So it seems like this house didn't get overly good reviews opening night but I've been hearing great things about it every since.
I loved this house, but my first year, I loved Gothic and dead end above others.

To me, this is a step up, but I had great timing in here each time, plus that one in your face scare is top notch to me!
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I do enjoy this house, although I think Dead Waters is much better. All of the houses this year are better than Hive, not a fan of that house what so ever.

The Fallen gets 6/10 from me!

After tomorrow, I should be able to do my full review on the whole event!
  • Great facade. Reminds me of a cross between Dracula (2009) and Gothic (2012).
  • Not a lot of energy from the casts.
  • The bungee/flying/plank triple scares, while well done and very cool - should have been spread out throughout the house instead of having them all one after another at the end of the house. I will say, though, that the finale of this house helps lessen the sour taste it would leave if it didn't have such a strong finale. I guess I'd like to see one of the gimmicks to end the house moved to somewhere earlier to help balance things out.
  • Not a fan of the majority of the audio/mask/costume design in this house.
  • I think the overall theme suffered going from concept to design. For me, it's a concept that was better on paper than it turned out in reality.
The eternal were said to have had all of their wings removed but as of Sunday night one of the bungee scareactors still had them.