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HHN 28: Poltergeist


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May 20, 2015
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Yeah the teddy bear is a great touch. And I'm guessing the front page of the site will have the hands inside the TV at some point. This will by my first HHN, and I can't wait. :)
Welcome aboard and I envy you going to your first HHN. You will have a blast!


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Apr 7, 2010
thank god it's based on the original.

can we expect a giant tree to try and eat us?


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Jul 27, 2015
From the write-up -
Guests will enter inside the Freeling family house, built atop a cemetery where malicious ghosts threaten the lives within. From the underground graveyard to ghostly apparitions, guests will come face to face with infamous scenes, including the iconic flickering TV screen, the menacing Beast from beyond, and a pool filled with floating corpses.
The underground graveyard starts the house.

And you're underground too.


Sep 3, 2017
From the write-up -

The underground graveyard starts the house.

And you're underground too.
Interesting, so they are taking some creative liberties with it.

Crossing my fingers for the dirt scent!