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HHN XXI: Most Anticipated House

What is your MOST anticipated house of HHN 21

  • Nightingales: Blood Prey

    Votes: 12 22.2%
  • The IN-Between

    Votes: 5 9.3%
  • The Forsaken

    Votes: 7 13.0%
  • Nevermore: The Madness of Poe

    Votes: 15 27.8%
  • H.R. BloodenGutz Presents: Holidays of Horror

    Votes: 5 9.3%
  • Saws and Steam: Into the Machine

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • The Thing

    Votes: 6 11.1%
  • Winters Night: The Haunting of Hawthore Cemetary

    Votes: 2 3.7%

  • Total voters
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Veteran Member
May 4, 2009
1)Nevermore- Nearly each of Poe's stories individually could merit its own house much less an amalgam of them all. Even more befitting, the man had to drop out of the University of Virginia due to outstanding gambling debts. The still shot released was by far the most in-depth and surreal. Considering I've known about this house for quite a while now, I absolutely cannot wait.

2)Nightingales: A WWI tench warfare house where demonic shake-shifters pose as nurses to pray on the wounded? That is a perfectly twisted premise and it has my full attention. The promo photo of the three masks also look absolutely horrifying. I am stoked.

3)Winter's Night: I know it seems generic but I love a good, classic haunt. And the Weeping Angel from Dr. Who in the promo image adds a nice layer to it. Like the Body Collectors nodded to Buffy and Sculders Nodded to X-Files, the Weeping Angels stalking throughout this haunt would be an brilliant move. The officially titled photo on the new website has a glowing, weeping figure as well, making me even more excited that my Who-intuition is correct.

4)Saws'N'Steam: I have also known about this house a while so, naturally, I have been very anxious to see it in motion. Steam Punk is always fun and, with a granted soundstage and assumed high budget, this house could really go far.

5)The Forsaken: Seems a bit underwhelming. I was really hoping for a Pirates maze. I'm sure it'll be filled with undead crewmen, angry natives, and spiritual warfare. Effects-wise they have a lot of room here to experiment and shell out some wicked stuff.

6) H.R. Bloodengutz: It looks like they might be trying too hard to fit the mold they've made for themselves after years of successful B-houses. I'm sure it'll be funny but it just seems all too familiar. Basically they're combining Cleaver, Creatures, and Zombigedden with the additional flare of a Dr. Paul Bearer-esk T.V. host.

7)The In Between: I a not a fan of light-gimmicks. I didn't like Jack's Fun House. I didn't like Dead Exposure. And this house seems to be falling in the same line. I think the premise is intriguing enough but I'm not certain about another pseudo-trippy house--especially with an element of 3D.

8)The Thing: Not looking forward to the prequel and not looking forward to a fourth year of Thing Puppets.
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Jun 2, 2010
Orlando, FL
For me...
1. Nevermore
2. Holiday of Horror (Always a fan of the silly houses.)
3. Nightingales
4. The Thing
5. Winter's Night
6. The In-Between
7. The Forsaken
8. Saws n Steam


Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
Orlando, FL
Now that I've had some time to adjust to the houses, here's my list:

1) The Thing - I've heard nothing but extreme praise for the 2007 house and with it being moved to a Soundstage this time around, I have high hopes for it.
2) H.R. BloodenGutz Presents: Holidays of Horror - The humor houses that I've experienced at HHN have been hit and miss; I hated Cleaver but absolutely loved ZombieGeddon. After seeing the teaser picture and what they can do with Christmas/holiday haunts, I have pretty high expectations for this one.
3) The In-Between - Finally a 3D house that I can experience. Solely due to my anticipation for a 3D house, this is high up on my list.
4) Nevermore: The Madness of Poe - I'm not a huge Poe fan but out of the stories and tales of his that I have read, this house should be amazing.
5) Saws and Steam: Into the Machine - Loved the scarezone but with it being stuck in Jaws and against some of these other houses, it can only take #5 for now. Here's hoping the make the best of their location.
6) Winters Night: The Haunting of Hawthore Cemetary - Not quite sure what to expect but from we do know, I'm very intrigued.
7) Nightingales: Blood Prey - I'm beyond excited for the WW1 concept and the tank concept art looked perfect.
8) The Forsaken - Interesting concept but it's still at the bottom of the bunch for me.

In my opinion, this year's lineup of houses looks incredible. Not one disappointment in my opinion. Here's hoping the houses themselves actually follow through with the anticipation.


Veteran Member
Feb 7, 2008
South Ga, Carey, Oh
I will Say winters Night will be the Sleeper Hit of the Event. HHN has had really good luck with Classic Haunt Themes. I agree with Jake about Saws N Steams as it is going to the Home of the worst Haunts over the last few years.


Aug 14, 2009
Gainesville, FL
Interesting to see so many people saying "meh, pirates" to The Forsaken. But columbus =/= Pirates.

The Rundown....

1. Nightingales: Blood Prey -- This house seems like it's setting itself up to be the first classic franchise of the new era. A completely new, rich environment and a twisted premise. Those masks look freaky as hell, and the concept art looks beautiful. Can't. Wait.

2. The Forsaken -- Another wonderfully original concept and in a location that gives it a great chance to succeed. It has the potential for some of the biggest and more impressive sets of the year, along with the chance of some interesting special effects. Remember the Frightanic scene in Hallow'd Past? They had a screen showing a rocking ocean, and sprayed water against the window to enhance the effect. I wouldn't be surprised if people left a little wet, either.

3. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe -- The released picture from this house is damn impressive. The theming looks as good as any of the soundstages, and the cramped environment of the tents always seems to garner some scares by itself. Going to be a very, very creepy house.

4. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorne Cemetery -- Not a fan of the name, but this one could boast some of the creepiest sets in the event. I wonder if they'll lower the temperature to go along with the "Winter" theme. I'd expect they would if they went out of their way to put it in the title.

5. The Thing -- A wildcard of a house for me. The first was a classic and one of the best houses of the last 5 or 6 years. Now it gets another shot, this time with the soundstage. This one will sport critical differences -- picture Assimilation like James Cameron's Aliens, and this 2011 version like Ridley Scott's Alien. I get the feeling we're not going to be thrust into an action film this time; if it sticks close to the movie, this will be a much more traditional haunted house. Puppets, as always, will be the determining factor. They made assimilation great, but killed Creatures. Effect heavy houses will always have question marks. But if everything works in an environment as great as a SS can provide...this could live up to or even exceed the original.

6. Saws n Steam: Into the Machine -- I loved the scarezone. I love the concept. I love the name. I love everything except the location. The Jaws queue is a black hole that sucks intriguing ideas in and never lets them achieve full fruition. Reflections of Fear. The Orfanage. And now Saws'n'Steam. I want to be excited, but I can't let my expectations get too out of hand. Let's hope this is the house that bucks the trend.

7. The In-Between -- Not sure what to say. Jack's Funhouse was, by all means, a large waste of my time. All I can say is, they better do a LOT better job camouflaging the actors this time. On the bright side, this will be a MUCH scarier environment than the Funhouse ever was. This could be the most fun maze, if it can learn from the mistakes of the past.

8. Holidays of Horror -- Humor houses are usually more miss than hit for me. I'm not hating on this one, but it just doesn't hold quite the same intrigue the others do.

Mr MudFish

Jun 16, 2010
I have never done a 3D house and for a strange reason, I'm really anticipating The IN Between. I like the idea of a really trippy demon house. Forsaken is a close second.


Veteran Member
Mar 26, 2008
Deadtropolis was and probably will be the best scarezone in New York for a while to come. So many actors cast their and I think it's to date the largest scarezone.

My list of predictions is:

1. H.R. BloodenGutz Presents: Holidays of Horror - Great title, great synopsis, hopefully amazing premise.
2. The Thing - Maybe one of my favorite horror movies to date. Highly enjoy the fact that there is going to be a Soundstage house for it...... Maybe
3. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe - Maybe one of my favorite titles of any house ever. Poe refrences in all. Going to enjoy this house, ALOT.
4. The IN-Between - Interesting name and hopefully a good premise I believe. It might take me awhile to get out to, but I will go through it.
5. Winters Night: The Haunting of Hawthore Cemetary - Can already tell you its going to be freezing cold in here. Bring a jacket and prepare to get cornered.
6. Nightingales: Blood Prey - I like the theme of this house too, hopefully this can be executed correctly
7. Saws and Steam: Into the Machine - Hack and frack house. You will be cornered, you will be screamed at, and you will be downsized. Prepare for the saws.
8. The Forsaken - The name doesn't let me disclose much, but I will keep my eyes open.


Veteran Member
Feb 15, 2008
Deltona, Florida
Voted for Nightingales. All the houses interest me, except maybe the 3D one, but that picture alone from the Nightingales one freaks me out big time! Plus the whole chaotic vibe of being in WWI trenches with gunfire and explosions and banshees. I may wet myself.


Aug 14, 2009
Gainesville, FL
I don't see enough in common to think "The Fog" ripoff, if that's what you're saying.

Even if I did, I'm not sure how that would make The Forsaken unoriginal. We're talking about houses here, not movies. When I say something's original, I don't necessarily mean that the concept of a sunken ship has never been explored anywhere, in any medium, ever. I'm talking within the haunt industry, and more specifically in the context of what horror nights has and hasn't done before. Even the most original of houses have their influences.

This'll be a very different environment than we're commonly exposed to at horror nights, and to be quite honest I'm really surprised that most people don't seem that excited about it.



Premium Member
Feb 15, 2010
The Mushroom Kingdom
So I know I posted that I'm most pumped for The Thing, but man, as I plan my trip to actually be there, I gotta say that all the mazes save for In-Between have me really excited for the event. Each one seems like it could be a hit, especially if Saws'n'Steam can overcome the Jaws Queue Curse.


Premium Member
Jul 18, 2008
Voted for H.R. BloodenGutz Presents: Holidays of Horror. I love their campy horror holiday houses.

Port of Entry

Jul 2, 2011
1. The In-Betwen
2. Nightingales: Blood Prey
3. The Forsaken
4. Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthore Cemetery
5. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe
6. Saws and Steam: Into the Machine
7. The Thing
8. H.R. BloodenGutz Presents: Holidays of Horror


Sep 18, 2009
Orlando, FL
1.Nightingale's Blood Prey
2.The Thing
3.The Forsaken
4.Nevermore: The Madness of Poe
5.H.R. BloodenGutz Presents: Holidays of Horror
6.Winters Night: The Haunting of Hawthore Cemetary
7.Saws and Steam: Into the Machine
8.The IN-Between


Feb 15, 2010
Really hoping Saws n Steam can be a break out hit. I was thinking a couple years ago, how cool a steampunk house would be. And now it's happening!!..I will be there the week before HHN starts, so unfortunately I will have to read your reviews. I would be more than happy if someone PM'd me Spoiler filled accounts of the houses since I will not be able to attend. But, of course, i'll be sure to ask again when they actually open the event.

Also Poe...just because it's Poe. Nuff said. Is Poe in a tent? I heard catacombs was superb so i'm sure they can knock Poe out of the park. That picture was not disappointing.

The In between, i'm sorry, but the cliche 3-D gimmick has run its course in the Haunt industry. It was cool at first. Lets wait about 5-6 years before we do this again. Hopefully they can do something innovative with it though! The demons do look pretty cool.