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Hunger Games Attraction?


Dec 13, 2009
With the success of the book and some very positive reviews coming out about the movie does anyone think it is pssible for this movie/book to make its way to Universal? The book is very very popular and their is a lot of good action plus the movie seems to be one of the better ones coming out this year...I think it could work as a very popular show or attraction somewhere in he Studios..I don't see it as fitting the fantasy feel of IOA but who knows...thought?
I can perhaps see it taking FFL's place, but I think the 'fight to the death' implication is too strong in this case. Any sort of moving attraction wouldn't really work since there are essentially three vantage points: the blanched control center, the too-silent hovercrafts, and that of those in the games. I can't really say I like the idea, since I think Hunger Games will stick to the cinemas, but I can say that I have given this much thought beforehand.
The only thing they could really do with the Hunger Games is probably some lame laser-tag type deal. It's not a book/world that lends itself well to a theme park attraction.
Hmm, I did think of an exhibit as being something that could work. Something along the lines of Harry Potter: The Exhibition with the main focal points being a life-size cornucopia and a couple of facades from the streets of the Capitol. Soundstage 44 (greatly updated in terms of verticality, of course) would finally have a purpose! :lol:
Not every book series/blockbuster movie has to have an attraction in a theme park..... I don't think anything Hunger Games would fit at Universal.
Can someone enlighten me on the basic premise of the story or plot please.
Can someone enlighten me on the basic premise of the story or plot please.

In an unspecified time in the future, the US becomes Panem (the implication being after being isolated from the rest of the world after a semi-apocalyptic event, more than likely a war), which is comprised of 13 "Districts" that surround the Capital (somewhere in the Rockies). Sick of the poor economic and social conditions, the lower districts, led by District 13, revolt and start a civil war. The Capital uses nuclear weapons to wipe District 13 off the map and regain control. In order to keep a firm grip of fear over the districts, the Capital institutes The Hunger Games, an annual event in which two tributes (aged 12-18) from each district to fight to the death in a natural arena. The Hunger Games are broadcast to the entire nation under the pretext that it is a celebration, "a remembrance and tribute to the lives lost in the war". The novel begins at the start of the 74th annual games as 16 year old Katniss Everdeen of District 12 volunteers to take the place of her 12 year old sister.
I just started reading the first book 2 days ago and I can't put it down, I should finish it tonight. It's crazy good. Having said that, there really isn't a place for a concept like this in a theme park AT ALL... Just wouldn't work. Can't wait to see the movie though!
It is and it isn't a rip-off of Battle Royale. Battle Royale is itself a combination of The Running Man and The Long Walk, but nobody points that out. Are the plots similar? Yes. The general outline is similar. Are they extremely different in practice? Absolutely. Battle Royale, in my opinion, is a superior work (book-to-book). But I find the initial reaction is to say "it's a rip-off of Battle Royale" is a little unfair. Lucas' Star Wars is a rip-off of Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. Kurosawa's Throne of Blood is a rip-off of King Leer. King Leer is a rip-off of an often told legend. The Hunger Games does enough to separate itself from Battle Royale and Series 7, just as Battle Royale did enough to separate itself from The Running Man and The Long Walk. The Hunger Games may not be great, and we could even argue that it may not be good, but saying that it's a rip-off turns a blind eye to every other work like it, including Battle Royale.
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I've been thinking about it (on and off for a year or two now :lol:) and I have created a land devoted to it. It consists of three main attractions, each titled after one of the three books. The land is simply entitled "Panem" and is set in the Capitol city.

The Hunger Games - The obvious focal point of the land is a ride based on the games, themselves. The queue is divided into 13 lines: one for each of the districts of Panem. Guests are treated with a video of the history of their district and how they support the wonderful Capitol, displayed on a screen in their town square. Guests will then continue on to the reaping, in which they board the official celebratory Hunger Games rovers and - Surprise! - are thrust right into the arena. May the odds be ever in your favor, tributes! (Honestly, I have no idea how this would work. Dark ride? 4D simulator? Virtual reality/dark ride cross over (something I've been working on with an Incredibles-themed ride)? Feel free to give ideas.)

Catching Fire - The revolt on the Capitol ignites an intamin launch coaster through the streets of the beautiful city, itself. It's signature feature is its initial top hot grazing the top of Capitol Tower.

Mockingjay - Feel the freedom of flight as you embark on this custom B&M Wingrider. Taking you from the busy streets to the fields and forests of the outer city limits, you are suspended from the feathers of the great bird, the mockingjay. (Possibly rear-facing seats, as well?)

Capitol Tower Restaurant - Capital Tower is the heart of the city and stands almost 20 stories tall. Resembling the "Space Needle" - a skyscraper built centuries ago in the once-thriving metropolis of "Seattle" - it hosts a restaurant with only the most succulent delicacies of Panem.

I know. Details are sparse, but I've just been sketching some ideas. I might put them up if you guys are interested.
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