Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

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Oct 21, 2018
Could be wrong, but looks more like a construction worker in a yellow vest and hard hat walking around.
Don't think so. I saw it retracting after the boat disappeared from view.

EDIT: Actually, now that you mention it, I think you're right.
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Feb 22, 2018
So Cal
Don't think so. I saw it retracting after the boat disappeared from view.
Hmm... Again, I could be wrong, but I still see what looks like a construction worker walking around at the :27 second mark and again around :42 second mark. I also see a few construction workers at the :58 second mark above the boat. Can you post a screenshot or reference the timeframe in the video?

Kevin McCane

Mar 7, 2019
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
How would you like to be the random worker tasked with riding the ride to do the daily check. “Hey! This ride is totally new, we made it more intense with darker atmosphere and it’s not 100% ready. Why don’t you go test it out”


Feb 14, 2018
It's not a photo so I believe I am good to post this but I've been seeing June around social media... I know it was mentioned above regarding a July opening but what I saw seemed pretty legit. Any validity to this rumor?

Edit: Looking into it a bit further, it may have been fan made. Still, a very impressive fan-made trailer at that...
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Dec 24, 2017
Do you think we will get more foliage? It does seem like that was left as is.
Nobody knows at this point. They probably having some landscape fixes to make though. On the north side of the building next to the escalators, the scaffolding is stacked and has destroyed some of the palms and other landscaping. I am sure once they clear all the equipment the landscapers will move in real quick. USH has always had a great landscaping crew.
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