Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

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Mar 5, 2019
Sounds like JP will be getting a bar!

Do you not listen to our podcast?
A few things.

1. Now that we know a bar is likely to be added to the Jurassic Park area, i have a lot of questions. Where will the bar be located? What will they serve? Will they serve only drinks? Will the bar take up capacity in the restaurant? If so, is that a improvement or a downgrade?

2. Did the Jurassic Park area have a bar before? Because i'm assuming "Jurassic Water" is some sort of alcoholic drink they have served in the past. Unless your actually talking about the water from the ride in which case please leave this forum and see a doctor immediately.


Feb 21, 2019
If it is not open by my July 10th trip then I suppose it should be open by August. Rolling Stones rescheduled the Pasadena show to august 22 so hoping to hit Universal on the 23 before flying back


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May 19, 2013
First you censor my joke at the expense of the Jurassic Park movies, now you shut your lips when all i want is to get drunk and watch people get soaked by animatronic dinosaurs?! DAMN YOU BRIAN G!!!!!! *shakes fist at the sky*
Picturing how they would have dinosaurs soak people, and suddenly have no desire to ride this...
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