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SeaWorld Orlando General Updates

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They should be worrying about guest issues.

Things like that happen at BGT so often it’s insane. It was just a bigger deal this time because people caught video of it and tipped off news outlets with it.
How does a no re-entry policy impact security/safety?

I'd think a higher security presence throughout the parks would be far more beneficial than this policy that most people will ignore while walking into the park. (Also seems to include passholders... very odd.)

SeaWorld security/bag check is quite a joke honestly with how poor it is and how understaffed they area. There's an exit side gate just off to the side of the security check that is unmanned and I always see people using it to get in.

Cancelled my AP, I just don't see how they'll improve operations/guest experience, especially with Epic Universe impacting the job market later this year.

True, but also keeps you from running to Wawa or Marcos for lunch.
If there's one company that would follow this sort of mindset, it's SeaWorld lol

Could also be to prevent the mass migration out of the park during thunderstorms? Park is open quite late in the summer, so maybe SWO wants to use this to keep people "captured" in the park?
How does a no re-entry policy impact security/safety?
Underage people going outside to drink/get high then coming back in. This is why for Halloween events Six Flags and most other regional parks have the same policy. It also helps keep other contraband (weapons, etc.) out. Go through once and you can figure out holes in Security to sneak stuff in on a second time through.

With the problems that Fun Spot had to prompt them to institute a chaperone policy this is not surprising at all.