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The Future of MIB

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Apr 4, 2020
Figured with there already being speculation about this ride's future post-Epic, and the ride's quality declining steadily, it's now (sadly) a good time for this thread to finally be made.

As always, let's try to stay on track and not spin off into baseless speculation. Basically, don't zig when ya should zag.
I mean, we're going to need to post some scores to even see who is remotely credible in this conversation.

While MiB may be a popular movie to watch, the ride itself unfortunately sadly isn't and doesn't have the same appeal as Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster or Waterworld. I do agree with the other poster that other unappealing rides should get axed before MiB, starting with the Kidszone area (except ET, which is a separate issue due to Steven Spielberg's contract).
The beauty of MIB is that you can get so lost in the competitive nature of it that the ride doesn't event have to be updated that much. The queue is phenomenal, and the layout of the ride itself is fine. Long enough that it feels worth your time, but not to the point that it feels like overkill. Update some of the scenes themselves with new AAs/targets, and spruce up the post "red button" cooldown thru unload portion of the ride so that it's not just black walls.

To me, its a staple of the resort. Everyone loves a little friendly competition with family and friends, especially when its in the form of a ride and not some skills game that you have to pay extra for.