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Universal in Colorado?

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Sep 3, 2022
I was doing some late-night Universal web searches (as I usually do), and stumbled upon, that in August 2022, Universal City Development Partners registered for a foreign entity to do business in the state of Colorado.

ucdp colorado.png
From my research, UCDP has only been registered in Florida and Delaware (presumably for tax purposes).
ucdp states.png
For those unaware, a foreign entity is an existing corporation that conducts business in a state other than where it was originally incorporated.

It's been like a week since I discovered this and I am still unable to find a good reason. I know there are rumors for HHN coming to Las Vegas, maybe Colorado is in the mix as well? Maybe escape rooms? Let me know what you think.
A stand alone version of a restaurant or a even CityWalk-lite sounds realistic. Which I guess is more like Disney Springs?

A new park would only be worth a visit from people already living closer to the other resorts if it offered something new or mostly new and unique like EU.

As an example, as much as I'd like to go visit USH a lot of it is a rehash or clone of what's already closer to me in Orlando. While I'll go there someday it'll likely be because I'm already in the area for something else (I could even go for half a day and not feel like I missed much if I only got to ride what's not in USO as it stands).
Wouldn't they want to have a food establishment connected to something that Universal has ties too in that area?

A genuinely fascinating gambit, one I'm interested on learning more of.
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I wonder if Universal/Comcast would ever attempt something like Great Wolf Lodge

Maybe trying to expand the brand like "Margaritaville" has been expanded

For instance, there is a Margaritaville resort in Tennessee

I don't think it would be a fully fledge theme park
I wonder if it's something at the airport. Denver is one of the busiest hubs and is growing. Be a good place for a Uni food and/or merch sales deal and all them to market the parks to different people. It looks like DEN is getting ready to start some major renovations too, so timing kinda lines up.
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Bringing this thread back up, but something to note...Universal has trademarked a new thing called "Universal Destinations & Experiences".
Maybe they saw success with this event in Denver (closed in August), and are looking to do some kind of Family Entertainment Center out there? Fast and Furious Go-Karts or Minion Ropes Course, anyone?

They do have some pretty scalable stuff in Citywalk now with the escape rooms opening, many franchise-able restaurants (Toothsome is prime for it, but Cowfish is a middle-America chain if I’ve ever seen one), and anything else they can slap IP onto (minions 4D ride and M&G would be easy to throw up just about anywhere). That’s not even accounting for things like Meow Wolf that they could emulate to make a highly themed walkthrough.

I think you could easily make a regional destination out of what they have right now.
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