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Universal Studios Japan General Discussion

Discussion in 'Worldwide Universal Parks' started by allienoves, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Teebin

    Teebin Legendary Member

    Oct 12, 2009
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    So we expect there to be actors presenting the lighting of the castle as in Japan?
  2. Alexshow

    Alexshow Veteran Member

    Nov 23, 2013
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    When Hollywood did the Nighttime Lights this past summer, it had no actors visibly present but that the Sorting Hat was the host of that show.

    I have to think why Osaka has actors is more due to the language barriers.
  3. fryoj

    fryoj Veteran Member

    May 19, 2013
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    No spotlights and no fireworks in the show. Don't know if that means a different show in Orlando or if those will be just for the grand opening then go away. As shown in the video, it's going to leave some people underwhelmed.
  4. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog Premium Member

    Jan 30, 2013
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    Pittsburgh area
    Bring that night time parade to Orlando and Universal will finally be able to siphon off some of that WDW night show crowd. And a guarantee that people staying on site at Universal will show up to watch that parade is in the future cards. That's as good as a new D/E ticket attraction.
  5. quinnmac000

    quinnmac000 Veteran Member

    May 14, 2014
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    Seoul, Korea
    The third announcement for 2018 Universal Cool has been released and its a repeat IP seen last year.

    With the highest Guest Satisfaction rating of 99% which is the highest in the entire history of USJ, Detective Conan is coming back for a limited time. This time not only will the escape room come back with new story and more characters from the Conan series to help you along in interactive cooperative play.

    Detective Conan started out as a comicbook (Manga) back in 1994 and since then has maintained its popularity all around the world with growing sales and popularity in Asia, United States, and Europe. The series has been sold over 94 volumes and have had shows/movies made off the series.

    Very Rough translation from Japanese release:
    The last real escape game "Detective Conan - the Escape" brought together the technological capabilities and creativity of Universal Studios Japan, faithfully reproducing the world of "Detective Conan", incorporating an original attraction which can only be experienced at the park which received great popularity with the story and full-scale live performances.

    This time during "Universal Cool Japan 2018" , we will further evolve the previous "Detective Conan - the Escape" and it will be a completely new work. This time not only will Conan appear, other characters from the show will be present and the attraction will be a big success. Cooperation with Conan and guests will solvethe mystery of the incident and overcome the crisis of desperate situation.

    Guests will be challenged through reasoning and logic to solve the incident with various traces left on the site in order to unlock the bombs set by the murderous evil criminal and reveal the criminal's identity. "This made for Universal original story will require quests which cooperate and interact with various characters that appeared in "Detective Conan" to investigate and solve the mystery. The most popular members will be physically present appearing in front of guests actually through the fusion of full-scale "live performance" such as big scale action scenes of Hollywood caliber that occurred last time. It is an one of a kind experience that you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment, refreshing feeling, while being impressed. Please enjoy the world of overwhelming presence and realistic "Detective Conan" that you can only experience at Universal Studios Japan .

    In addition, experience a case while dining at Detective Conan Mystery Restuarant and Detective Conan Live where you may encounter an "incident" as you dine. (essentially an in park mystery dinner)

    Very Rough translation again:
    Guests are invited to Suzuki Zaibatsu party which is organized by Junichi Suzuki's uncle, Sonoko Suzuki and the grandmother of Mr. Mori Araki who is a girlfriend of a conglomerate, They will enjoy fine dining at an elegant and upscale restaurant in the park . However, the situation changes completely as guests encounter an unexpected incident, the venue is left panicked.

    The guest who hold the key to solving the incident that is present on the site and together you will infer with the various people actually appearing in "Detective Conan" and will be involved in the real world in Conan world to solve the crime. Please enjoy a completely new entertainment experience beyond imagination.

    For those who are interested, the event last year was a mix of Terminatior 2: 3D meets an 4 floor escape room.


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