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What would you do if they close down Jurassic Park: The Ride?

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If they use the Writers/Producers from Rise of the Planet of the Apes i think they would be well off. The recent film was full of great story, great sci fi, good CGI and actors. They had been signed on for the film already but im not sure if they are still on the project. Shame on Universal for announcing a way to early date of 2014 but i hope with the delay it gives time for the parks to create a better(not that it is a bad attraction at all i ride JP 99.9% of the times i go) attraction for the release of the film.
what would be cool is during the winter one of the csi soundstages close down and they reroute the tour a little and add new pathway's with a clone of the possible dark ride ioa is getting and would be a nice addition for winter 2014 and I think that Comcast would put the money in hard for these attractions and would be cool but not a replacement for jp and the dino play area closes for a entrance to the ride and would work and there could be a indoor line with the building from the movie as the façade if they move it a little more