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What would you do if they close down Jurassic Park: The Ride?

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I think that it should at least be mediocre since Spielberg is on board. I can totally understand your feelings, though. The first one is definitely a classic. It's one of those movies you've gotta watch in your life, whether or not you're a fan of dinosaurs OR Universal.
Not to rain on your parade, Miss Betty Juice, but it seems as though JP4 is still pushing forward, per this recent tweet:


But still, who knows WHEN it will come out now, since it seems they started back at square one, hence all the layoffs they made.

Anyway, to be back on topic, if for some reason they ever did close down Jurassic Park- The Ride, like others, I would go on the ride as MUCH as I could until it did. And I would definitely be there for it's final day. After that... god, I don't know. There was only one time I ever went to USH where there wasn't Jurassic Park, my very first visit. But even then they were actually starting construction on it, so technically it actually was "there". Heck, they even had some kind of shop or kiosk set up that already had Jurassic Park merchandise right around where it was going to be (good stuff, too!). So if USH took it all away... I doubt I would go very much anymore. That may sound silly to some, but, as you can tell, Jurassic Park means a LOT to me, especially the ride. Sometimes I obsess over it more than any other aspect of the franchise. And so much has changed since the 90s, the "golden age", that the park is already not the same. And I don't think it's wrong to say that you don't like the changes, because the attractions aren't the same. Change has to be expected, and accepted, but it still doesn't mean you have to like it. More than half the time, all of these replacements are a step back for me. Even on Jurassic Park- The Ride itself! I mean, compare the animatronics! Why can't they just make them look like they used to, and then just repeat the exact same process every time they need to be refurbished? It's like an award-winning recipe for cooking; you don't change ingredients just "because". But of course, as I said before, change should be expected. And in the world of theme parks, even Disneyland (they still have changed that place a lot, believe it or not), it happens all the time. Nothing is truly sacred.

In the end, I probably couldn't help but return to USH maybe once every 5 years or more if they did take out Jurassic Park. As long as they have the tram tour (I think it IS safe to say there never WON'T be one), I can't help but visit just to see how the studio is faring, and maybe chance a glimpse of something being filmed. I remember one of my first times going there I saw them film "Jingle All The Way", the Schwarzenegger film, lol. It was the street parade scene. So you can't help but hope for other opportunities like that. I'm too big a fan of films not to. But I am 100% sure that it will not fill me up with nearly as much joy and happiness going there as it still currently does. The funny thing is, as more expansive and amazing looking as the Jurassic Park section in IOA is, at this point in my life, if I never got to go there to see it all, I wouldn't be too upset. In the end there can only be one true Jurassic Park ride for me, and it's at USH. It's just so personally connected to me now that it could never be replicated. Only imitated, like it has been.

And hey, it is the ORIGINAL, afterall...
When I went on the tour on Saturday, our tour guide did some random spiels here and there to waste some time as we sat around, and he mentioned that they're now targeting a date around the holidays of 2014.  :eek:
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I wouldn't take their word too seriously. I've heard the tour guides mention JP4 many times. Each time they said "coming out next year!". Obviously this was never true each time, lol. Then again, the way they have been doing production on this thing, it's been so on again/off again every time they try that perhaps a lot of times it WAS supposed to come out that next year, but changed. Just like it has yet again! LOL
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I know where you are coming from in not wanting this movie to happen. Up until earlier this year I felt the same way. The hiatus between this film and the last has been too long, and with Hollywood being in a "revisionist" stage, I had a feeling they would (and still could) make a film that is just NOT Jurassic Park. And they actually almost did with some hybrid dinosaurs with guns idea that sounded more like something from Dino Riders than Jurassic Park. Not that it wouldn't have been fun to see! But why tie something as silly as that with Jurassic Park, which has always been tied well with scientific reality compared to most franchises? Luckily this idea was dropped after it's script leaked and the public reaction was resoundingly negative. So hopefully whatever new idea they have for this film now, it still stays true to what has come before and doesn't completely make something out of Jurassic Park that just... isn't.

And unlike you, I actually enjoy the other two sequels, haha. :D Although I will admit, I didn't always like The Lost World, especially when it first came out. I had expected, like everyone else I imagine, a completely different film! Especially since I hadn't read the sequel novel, which was still almost entirely different than the film anyway! It just wasn't what I wanted, and I really expected Pteranodons to be in the film for some reason. When they barely teased them in the final moment of the film, I almost thought "omg, here we go, finally a sequence with them!" and then... end scene. LOL. So I felt cheated. Of course I later found out they originally DID have a sequence planned with them at the climax of the film, before Spielberg went nuts and changed the ending to the T-Rex in San Diego (which, in retrospect, is actually a fun sequence, despite how ridiculous it is). But then Jurassic Park 3 came out and remedied the entire situation in terms of Pteranodons... but not much else. ;) Although JP3 I actually REALLY enjoyed when it came out. I think I just really liked how fun and energetic the film was, and that it included scenes reminiscent to those that had been left out of the first book (and actually, the film's version of the Aviary scene tops the one in the novel, where they just kind of float through it). Now, in retrospect, the film seems a lot dumber now, but still a fun experience despite it's deep flaws.
I think just having it come out at all pushes the ride's death sentence. They'll want an attraction to advertise it, and now a lot of people are thinking the film won't come out til 2015.
I think just having it come out at all pushes the ride's death sentence. They'll want an attraction to advertise it, and now a lot of people are thinking the film won't come out til 2015.
Didn't they try doing that with JP 3D? They advertised it all over the park, but as far as I know, it wasn't all that popular in theaters.
So when I was watching JP3D,I watched the entire reel of film and very last thing it says is "Universal Parks & Resorts". They never done that with any of their movies. So could this mean something. That is the logo I saw.

JP4 is still in the ??? category, lol. Right now it seems to be ON TRACK for getting made. The story I'm getting is that they had a script they liked, started pre-production, almost started actual production... and then suddenly, the director that had been signed on seemingly randomly came up with an all-new script that was, I guess, better. So they laid off everyone on the production, except the director/writers to work on the new script. It's unclear how much that was worked on the previous script will still be part of this one. A rumor that started, straight from the director's own Twitter, was that it would be set on Isla Nublar (the island in the first film), at least for one scene, if not the whole movie. Still not sure if that is the case anymore, but I seriously hope so.

As for JP3D, yes, it actually did get a BluRay release not long after it's theatrical release started. I have it! :D

And yes, they did advertise it all over the park. I actually went to USH to see it there, and then went on the ride right after. :D Here was one of the banners:

If Jurassic Park: The Ride closes, I won't ever be going to Universal again. I can promise you that. It's essentially the only reason I go to the park now.
You're not even into Transformers? What about when Potter comes around?  :huh:
While I think the first Transformers film was pretty good, I'm not too big of a fan of the franchise. TF:3D was enjoyable, but unless I'm bringing friends to the park I doubt I'd go on it again. I've never cared for Harry Potter and I don't really have any interest in the ride. In fact the traffic of Potter alone would drive me away.

I started to go to Universal because of the franchises I love. Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Jaws, and many others are a huge part of my life. To be able to actually hop in Doc Brown's time machine, and see the Tyrannosaurus Rex from JP up close was the huge draw for me. Now that it's down to JP, I can't see myself ever coming back if they remove JP.