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When Shadows Fall


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May 26, 2012
Hi everyone :) Last Saturday I went to the interactive show "When Shadows Fall". I have to say it was one of the most interesting (and fun) experiences I've had in a while. We had a large group *I'd say about 30-35) people participating. You're separated into small groups and sent into an 'utopia' world, where things are not what they seem. During the course of the evening I was given secrets to either keep or betray, sneak in and out of rooms, observe some scenes that led to clues, search through rooms to find stuff, and interact with all of the actors. There is a definite storyline but what happens depends on what the people participating will do (there are several outcomes. One of the people in my group of 4 had been before and said "well, thats an ending I wasn't expecting"). My only complaint is sometimes it was hard to hear exactly what was going on. Throughout the evening our part of the story would intersect and criss-cross with other people (who had different roles, of course). I'd love to do it again from a different role. If you have questions, just ask. Its every Saturday and costs $49.95 and lasts between 2 and 1/2 hours - plus there's about 30 minutes wrap up where you can compare your story with the other players. It was very easy to end up becoming very involved in the whole story. If you're looking for something unusual, but fun, here it is. Its located in a warehouse in a secret location about 15 minutes from Universal (the exact location is secret until you buy your ticket. After all, it IS a secret society- lol)
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May 20, 2013
Good Review! I just heard about this place a few weeks ago and we were thinking about maybe checking it out sometime.