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  1. Joshua Porter

    Park Videos, Vlogs and Imagery

    Hey all! I know there are various posts or threads about park vlogs or thoughts on vloggers but I have been struggling to find a dedicated thread for folks to post their creativity on! With so many of us visiting the parks regularly and others not so regularly, it could be a good idea to set up...
  2. Joshua Porter

    WDW Bus Transportation - Resort/Park Based Welcome Messages

    Hello there, Bit of a strange request, but I am looking in to finding out the majority of the "welcome" messages that the Buses on property show. For example, the buses to Old Key West will display Old Key West and then "Hello, Islanders". If anyone knows more about various messages the buses...
  3. Joshua Porter

    Splash Mountain Refurb

    Hearing/reading mutterings of Splash Mountain going down for refurbishment from August 28th to November 17th? Anybody know if there is any truth to this? Seems like a strange time to do a lengthy refurbishment of a wet ride in such a busy period? Understandable that rides like Splash, Space, etc...