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Bend the Bao

Does this restaurant. or anything in that food court, sell alcohol?

I've only walked through once, but I will definitely now be going up there in the future.
is beer alcohol? I -- ASSUME the Whopper Bar sells beer as that was (down south anyway) one of the reasons it is not a BK -- the other is the only sandwich they sell are whoppers.

Here's the full menu BB

cool, thank you! But I thought someone asked about alcohol upstairs (just forgot to include -- I think there is a whopper bar upstairs and they SHOULD sell beer there.
Oh I'm not sure about the Whopper Bar..

...While we're here, If I may suggest the Lucky Buddha may go well with said Whopper
The alcohol at Bao is on hold so only soda, water, and tea are being sold ATM.

If I had to guess, with the speed this went up, there was a snag with the liquor license or something.
Friends, I've made an egregious error

Earlier I misspoke and realized that Funky Buddha IPA was in fact the one I liked

I will be holding a press conference at noon

Since we're still here Funky Buddha will in fact go with a Whopper as well
Tried it out the morning of opening. This just happened to be the last few hours of our trip, so it was a welcome surprise. We had about 8 parties in front of us right at the 11 AM opening and everything moved pretty quickly. I asked for no crema on both of mine and they screwed that up, but fixed it incredibly fast. Overall, it was pretty tasty stuff. If the speed of service stays this high, we'll check it out again on the next trip!