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CityWalk Orlando Updates & Changes General Thread

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Worth resharing these from January for those who missed them:

More changes are expected to come to City Walk as the quiet flight plot is to be expanded by a candy store, a spot selling butterbeer, and a SNW store I believe,,

yes, Cinnabon would be impacted and relocated to a kiosk

The Nintendo store takes over the Cinnabon and both it and preview center coexist,,

And props:

quiet flight is set to close on April 14th
No way that soon. More like end of the year probably. This will be a somewhat big project, like the one that built the new Studios store, as they have to remove a kitchen and walls in the center to connect everything.
Do you mean for just these new additions? Or the EU preview center as well?
Interesting that a candy shop (or significant candy area expansion) is a predominant rumor, given that Toothsome and its shop also already exist in CityWalk (albeit a distance away).

I will not mourn the loss of Quiet Flight, as I don't think I've been in there more than a single time, but I have always appreciated that CityWalk offered a few merchandise locations that were not explicitly tied to theme park merchandise and gave CityWalk some personality.