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CommuniCore Hall & Epcot Plaza Gardens

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I have every confidence that the center of Epcot will look extremely nice.

Nice enough to justify having spent four years on it? Probably not, but still!
I really like the store and restaurant, I know it has gotten mixed reception

I do wish they could have kept the symmetrical structure of Communicore somehow in tact though
I could fit two flat rides and a coaster in that space
Yup. A themed coaster similar to SDMT and a Moana water ride would’ve been nice additions.

Thinking about it though, I think it was a missed opportunity to not add a carousel to this area. This is supposed to feel like a real park, so a carousel would fit nicely.
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The foliage and trees will be an improvement over the previous sterile concrete look.
Overall, almost everything looks better. While a bit sterile, Connections Cafe is much more welcoming than the dark and dated design of Electric Umbrella. The restored entrance is a vast improvement over the graveyard that was there, and the addition of trees instead of all that concrete will be nice and the removal of the steel supports that held up the world's ugliest canopy. Moana is even going to be a technical improvement, but the space could've been put to better use.

The only thing they really didn't improve on was the gift shop. While Mouse Gear needed an update and Creations is certainly modern, it lacks the character and extra little bits of theming i'd want out of a a Disney shop. I don't mind modern, but at least give me some theming that matches the modern design throughout.
Something like the Jet Packs from Shanghai Tomorrowland would have been splendid

I also think Moana should have been a "host" character for a new WS pavilion

I really should be in charge, but I know I'd just start building coasters left and right and doing Goofy Movie sequels :(

Wondering if they are regretting delaying this to the later part of the year, summer is looking soft in Orlando.
I mean it’s not a draw. It would get some APs out to the park to check it out how it looks for a day, but that’s it.

I’m surprised more than anything they didn’t make sure it was ready to go for the start of Food & Wine especially because of the Festival building in the area.