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CommuniCore Hall & Epcot Plaza Gardens

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I mean it’s not a draw. It would get some APs out to the park to check it out how it looks for a day, but that’s it.

I’m surprised more than anything they didn’t make sure it was ready to go for the start of Food & Wine especially because of the Festival building in the area.

I agree it's not a draw, but Disney can get away with marketing a new "Moana attraction" and getting a few families to book packages with the draw of the IP.

It's evil, but Disney can get away with it.
Blog Mickey's hearing the center of the park is still on track to be open this fall, ideally by October 1st...

I’ve always been expecting that to be the date as I think the new fireworks and Moana will debut that day as well. So as a package they can market as something bigger than it is.
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As much as it sucks how long this thing took, it'll look very nice. I hope they expand the design of the hub throughout the rest of Future World as all they did currently was add new lighting and repaint some of the snack stands.
Ya I’m excited for this area. Is going to add to how peaceful Epcot can be big time.
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Hmm. I’m just now realizing that there isn’t a main walk way from Spaceship Earth to World Showcase. It’s a lot of smaller paths. I am grateful that they have the massive walkway to connect former Future World East/West.
Ah. That’s why Alicia said next week was gonna be busy.
New fireworks next week as well on the 5th. I’m assuming a media event or something to showcase everything including potentially Journey Of Water while they have people there.

Walt the Dreamer statue is now in place.
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Epcot on the 5th is going to be a nightmare lol

Luminous, Hub gardens, and the fact that all APs no longer require reservation after 2PM and Pixie Dust Pass is not blocked.