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Would you like to see Dune at IOA?

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The hurdle with DUNE as a potential theme park land is that so much of the appeal of the world of the movie is its massive scale, and I just don't think there would ever be enough space in one of the parks to really do it justice.

Of course, I would have said the same thing about AVATAR, and Disney found a way. So it wouldn't be impossible, but very challenging.
I think considering that the films have a protagonist that you can't exactly root for, it's hard for me to imagine this. Like are they gonna place us in the position of
fighting in Paul's Holy War where billions die??
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Um... Star Wars exists and we have Galaxy's Edge so your logic is a bit flawed there but sure. Lol.
I get what you mean, but in Galaxy's Edge, only a corner of the land is devoted to the First Order (objectively villains) and it's opposed by a corner devoted to the Resistance (objectively heroes) that allows us to go on an adventure against the First Order.
If a Dune land was set in Arakeen, it would probably have to be set during Paul's reign, and though he is the protagonist, he still ends up becoming a dictator. I just don't think that a franchise where the protagonist murders billions would lend itself very well to the standards of a land, or at least it would have to be a very unique and creative approach to the concept.
Given the darker nature of the world alongside its limited potential in the terms of how to make it as a ride (land feels like a nonstarter), Star Trek would be a better IP at this point than Dune.
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