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ESPN WWoS "Bubble" Usage

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So what Hotels are they going to take offline for this?
I was wondering the same thing, but haven't been able to find out. The Port Orleans hotels aren't open yet (and this is a minor league system, so that would practically be luxurious for them), so it's possible they will stay there.
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So what Hotels are they going to take offline for this?
I know I already responded to this, but I did want to add something as it's relevant for WDW over this coming Summer or possibly sooner. The NBA is having a fairly rough season already with Covid in the short 3 weeks that they've been playing games and this week has been the worst. Commissioner Adam Silver has said that the Bubble may return for the safety of the players and integrity of the regular season. WDW can't hold 30 teams, so I suspect they'd do 2 bubbles. I'd say very likely one at WDW and then one on the West Coast, possibly in Vegas. They'd then do a bubble for the playoffs again, most likely.

Based on player feedback from last year and the fact that WDW's hotels are open already, it's possible that the players would want to stay in nicer hotels if they're playing at Disney, so they'd probably stay at the Four Season's, Waldorf Astoria, etc.

Coronado and Yacht Club could easily come back offline in a heartbeat (and Disney would be happy to do it).

I’m under the impression that interior entry is a must (so no POR), and that Grand Flo is off the table.

I could see some Bonnet Creek Hotels coming down (I’d imagine that JW or Waldorf+Hilton would work, but I have a feeling that, in order to keep all the revenue, Disney will push for Disney-owned hotels).
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So this was a few days ago, but the Lakeland Magic (Orlando Magic's G-League team) won the G-League Championship against Delaware Blue Coats. With this, the Lakeland Magic become the first Florida team to actually win in the finals of a Disney Bubble (after the Lions and Heat lost) :lol:

The Scripps National Spelling Bee will be held in shortened three-day in-person event in order to allow for an in person component to the spelling bee. I'd assume everyone there will be tested and this will be sort of a loose bubble type of situation for the three days.