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ESPN WWoS "Bubble" Usage

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The Lakers and Clippers may only be two teams, but they are two teams that would end the season if they chose not to participate considering that they are title contenders. The Lakers and Clippers know that people are tuning in to see them.
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The more I think about it, the more I think the season will continue. After only a few more games, FIVE teams will head home and then players familes on the remaining teams will be allowed to come to the bubble. I think families coming will help with players' depression and they certainly have a higher platform playing imo. I think they just need to decide what they want to do with the platform. They have to realize that them leaving the bubble isn't going to change the world over night. I support them doing either, though.


Playoffs will resume:

Games today postponed, however:

Another meeting later today seemingly to decide what their unified message is and when to restart:
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The NBA Refs are marching around the NBA Campus. Would be quite the scene if the players stood in unity and did the same:

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In the most Disney move ever with the convergence of the NBA and WDW, a $600 NBA MagicBand box set is now available for preorder. The box set comes with MagicBands with NBA designs of all 22 teams who came to The Bubble, a "Make History" MagicBand with Mickey Mouse, and an "NBA Finals" Magic Band with gold artwork and the logo of the team that eventually wins the championship. The Limited Edition size is 2,020.


Talk about cashing in. This is aimed at NBA fans more than WDW fans imo. From watching a lot of youtubers reacting to Bubble vlogs, they ALL make mention of how cool the MagicBands are and this is sort of like Sneakers.

Tonight's OKC-Houston Game 7 is the end of the Grand Floridian bubble. The winner of this game moves on to the Gran Destino.
Pumped for game 7. Got my lucky Isaiah Thomas jersey on and ready to go. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if the C’s lose tonight, but it probably won’t be healthy. :lol:

It finally happened. Someone popped the bubble:
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The success of both the MLS and the NBA bubbles are now leading to NCAA College Basketball to come down and create their own bubble at WDW for two weeks in November for a slew of tournaments, which will allow for out of conference play.

Here are the ESPN events expected to move to Orlando:
  • Champions Classic: Duke, Michigan State, Kansas, Kentucky
  • Charleston Classic: Charleston, Florida State, Houston, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Seton Hall, Tennessee, VCU
  • Myrtle Beach Invitational: Charlotte, Dayton, Loyola Chicago, Missouri, Nebraska, Furman, Pitt, Utah State
  • NIT Season Tip-Off: Arizona, Cincinnati, St. John's, Texas Tech
  • Wooden Legacy: Georgetown, Kansas, UCLA, Virginia
  • Orlando Invitational: Auburn, Belmont, Boise State, Gonzaga, Michigan State, Siena, Saint Louis, Xavier
  • Jimmy V Classic: Gonzaga, Tennessee, Baylor, Rutgers
  • Diamond Head Classic: Arizona State, Hawaii, North Texas, Oklahoma, San Diego State, Saint Mary's, Seattle, Temple

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