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Halloween Horror Nights 24 Discussion

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
The problem with limited audience dvd's is that there are very few places to market them. With the demise of most of the rental dvd stores, the only places to market dvd's to are the big boxes, and they have limited space so they generally only stock the newer and mass market fast selling dvd's. And , contrary to common thought, only a small percentage of dvd's are sold over the internet. And streaming still has a small percentage of total sales numbers regardless of all the money they've thrown at the process. DVD's are still primarily an impulse buy, so if a customer doesn't physically see it in a store, they won't purchase it. So a dvd of horror night houses probably wouldn't be financially feasible. You could sell it in the parks, but it's doubtful any retail corp. would stock such a limited appeal item. Then there's the right's fees that were previously discussed.


Sep 29, 2014
^I'm sure they would just be sold in the parks and Citywalk lol. It would fall under the category of park souvenirs, not really home media.

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Well they could always just do a fan DVD with their original content only...Give it out as a Legendary Truth/Compound grand prize
Yeah, it would be very possible for them to compile some sort of video from their own stock footage of original content Im sure. But I don't think there would be enough demand still. Really, a DVD of old houses would only serve the purpose of nostalgia and admiring design, but the majority of HHN's audience really isn't there for that, and therefore wouldn't buy it. A DVD would be missing the scare/party factor IMO.

Lucky Planet

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Sep 23, 2013
My understanding was media was allowed to film all the houses but had to pick two to upload per uor pr. Many choose the two biggest named houses.
yeah, what i don understand is why didnt they let them record all the houses and release the video like in 2012 or '13

what made them change their mind into letting media record and release all the houses


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Apr 6, 2014
Rushmore Academy
I have no idea, universal needs to let the media do a lot more than what they are allowed to now. If you took the average inside the magic or attractions magazine viewer who has never been to the event before, all they are really seeing are the scare zones, that's the event to their knowledge