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Halloween Horror Nights 32 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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Depths of Fear is one of my favorite houses of all time :no_mouth:

We either did a really smart early route or a really stupid one and ended up at depths of fear as like house 3 for the night, all alone as we did stay and scream. Solo walk through, and we had the stilt guy charge us, so of course we loved that house and always will.
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For those currently in the park - though you may have already realized this - apparently they cut off the NY Stay & Scream and are redirecting guests to Richter's.
To elaborate, because never seen anything remotely like this before, I entered the park at 4:30. The line to enter, I assume still by Louie's, stretched down and through "VillainCon Alley," then back up the "main street" past Fallon to the end of Grammercy Park. At this point, they had already closed the line and were directing people to Richter's. Let me stress, but the last people allowed in it jumped in across from the tribute store, to take the long way around, The storm clouds were closing in and we were already feeling rain drops--nobody was leaving that line. I don't know how the downpour affected things, but if you were counting on S&S to see ST, something to keep an eye on tonight and tomorrow.

At the end of the line they said Springfield or Richter's but by the time I was near RRR, they had changed the spiel to only RIchter's. So guessing Springfield was filling up quickly as well.
So with the event started and spec season being over, this thread will be locked as pretty much all of what’s being posted in here can fit into other threads, specifically the Tips, Tricks, & Planning thread.
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