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Has a Universal "Great Movie Ride" or extinct attraction land ever really been considered?

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Dec 3, 2020
One of the most requested attraction ideas that comes from theme park fans is Universal's own take on a Great Movie Ride type of attraction that would take guests through scenes of Universal's classic films, some of which previously having attractions in the park. I've seen it many times on this forum and even on platforms like YouTube:

Another popular "wish list" idea is a land consisting of defunct classic attractions. Pretty sure this one was even "rumored" as coming to Epic Universe in the very early days of speculation about the park.

So my question is, have either of these ideas actually been considered by Creative or Parks & Resorts? At a quick glance this seems like baseless fan blue sky wish listing, but I think there's so much potential behind some of these ideas that I'd be shocked if it never came up in conversation behind the scenes. Not saying I think it's ever really been close to being built, but I'd still be surprised if it was never considered at all.
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Prior to the 30th Anniversary, I would have very much doubted any serious consideration had been given to a "Great Universal Movie Ride."

But since then, Universal has leaned into the nostalgia of their past in a much more pronounced way (the 30th merch line and continued retro items, the Legacy store, BTTF being part of the escape rooms, etc.). I still don't think it's anywhere close to likely (or as likely as I'd like!), but I no longer think it's impossible that it's at least been talked about interally (even in just a very informal way).
I feel like the closest concept was limited to the Monsters. There was that leaked concept of a trackless drive in movie where you’d go through the different Universal Monsters movies. I thought that was pretty cool.

I’m not personally aware of anything that would satisfy the parks nostalgia of BTTF, Jaws, etc. returning. I mean those two concepts can be merged, especially now that monsters went the direction it did, but I haven’t heard that there’s interest from Universal in doing that.
A retro Universal Great Movie ride that would take you through different eras of Universal live action and animated movies would have a lot of potential. But it seems that Universal nowadays wants to focus on more current IPs with the exception of the Classic Monsters obviously.
I think there’s a bigger chance we get a parade or fireworks show with all the classic properties in it before a ride

One of the most interesting Universal attractions that there isn’t much info on us Motion Picture Magic from USJ. Fairly certain it was a greatest hits type of show