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HHN '19: Stranger Things


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Jun 28, 2017
you guys think they'll have kid actors this year like orlando did, or will they just use mannequins?


Mar 1, 2017
One word: Screenz!

But in all seriousness I don’t think they’re even going to attempt to recreate that scene either


aka Fallow
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May 26, 2010
Suspended cage with mannequins. Projection on large wall. Demodog scares as you walk along the ground beneath it.

It's actually an easy scene to pull off.
I was picturing fiber optic "edges" and you end up walking "through" the rift. Projections on either side, similar to what they did in the classroom last year.

It's definitely doable but will need to be a two story moment, like the laboratory last year.
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Jun 28, 2017
finished season 3, and i think i made this room lineup to long...
first room i can image will be like orlandos season 1 haunt, where they had a room themed to the opening scene. you can have the gate machine exploding, and the burnt hazmat guys floating in mid air.

title room with the theme.

mini facade of the brimborn steel building, where a bloodied Billy emerges begging for help.

upside down road, where the zombie like guys scare you (imagine the horde effect in the walking dead).

you then enter into the brimborn building, where Billy will scare, and a half developed mind flayer to (sorta like the AWIL scare).

the void, where Heather will pop out from a tub.

Heathers foyer, where a flayed Heather will pop out with a bottle.

the old lady's basement, where the cage with the remains of the rat can be seen. will be a distraction for the flayed old lady with fertilizer around her mouth to scare.

the pool sauna hallway, where Billy will pop out through the sauna doors window (boohole scare).

the assassins basement, where he'll pop out guns blazing.

moruge room where flayed Tom and brace will scare.

small transition hallway with the melted bodies of Tom and Bruce.

hospital hallway with a mind flayer scare (imagine something like the skull scare in poltergeist), Jonathan with a pipe will also scare from the other side.

cabin vision, with a Billy scare.

back to brimborn, where a giant version of the mind flayers head emerges from a wall.

cabin living room with a tentacle coming through a wall (animatronic), and from the other side Nancy will come out with a shotgun. there will also be a mind flayer head coming through the ceiling.

(might put in the funhouse with various assassin and hopper scares...idk)

Starcourt facade with Steve's car as a scare.

clothing store with a tentacle scare.

food court with Lucas and his slingshot,

maitnance hallway with a Billy scare.

lobby with the destroyed ceiling, have a giant mind flayer puppet (similar to the alien queen in avp) with the fireworks (strobe lights) going off

(originally wanted to end with the gate closing, but i don't think they can pull that effect off)

(insert black hall ending with billy and a giant mind flayer head scare)
anything i should add, change, or remove?