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HHN 31 Tribute Store

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Second weekend, there was a line out the door whenever we passed on an event night (until 12:30 or so). It was pretty empty during the day.
we went to buy something -- was Saturday night, maybe around 9 to 10 PM. The line was around the corner to get in -- everyone seemed to be just flowing from room to room conga style -- started to think I was in a house or something -- I jumped out of the 'queue' finally, but it all seemed strange to me ;-)

Funny thing is, we went right to the register with no wait -- hence why I felt it was more attraction than store at that moment in time.
During my daytime trips last week I overheard multiple guests commenting that they thought it was some sort of haunted house or attraction instead of a store. The dark ride theme of the store this year definitely could be perceived that way if you aren't familiar with the store or the event.