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HHN Early Entrance For Hotel Guest

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Feb 17, 2010
I know in the past Universal has had a separate entrance to HHN and they have had early entrance for hotel guest on SELECT nights, but an e-mail I just got reads like hotel guest will have a separate entrance every night at 6:30. Here is the part of e-mail about it.

Experience the Fear Faster**

During your stay at a Universal Orlando™ hotel, you'll get access to a separate exclusive entrance to Halloween Horror Nights™ at Universal Studios Florida™ open from 6:30–8:00PM each event night from September 15–November 4. Paid event admission and valid hotel room key card required.
They always open the hotel gate at the same time as the general entrance. But I recommend using the general gates if you come before 6 because the hotel gates only have 3-4 turnstiles.

yep, I've seen it work both ways depending on what time you get there, plus now, with no 2nd security check, I think the front gates are not 'as bad' as a couple of years ago.