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Iron Gwazi (General Discussion)


Mar 20, 2011
Vero Beach
So about the name and theme. The thought just randomly came to me.


Just get rid of the monstrosity of a looping ship and give the name to a attraction that’s worthy.


May 12, 2018
Orlando, FL
Honestly, that would be great
I am excited for RMC GWAZI, and I am wondering if since BGW is getting the S & S swing this year if that after Gwazi they would get the swing, Seems like a pattern with SEAS lately.
Does anyone know what type of RMC GWAZI will be or the inversions off bat I forgot, since lot of music blasting in my head last few days for MMW in Miami, Plus, seems a lot of people here for all the house music are coaster lovers too & of course BGT RMC GWAZI, is being talked about a lot.
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Apr 21, 2019
Hello I’m new to this forum! I’m excited for rmc Gwazi! Busch gardens it’s a top park with that addition. 1) I think they should keep the Gwazi name since Gwazi is a lion/tiger hybrid and it is a hybrid coaster but I can also see uproar since they patent the name. 2) after Gwazi I would like a giga coaster in the will be such a great lineup tbh!