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"Is anyone awake?" The Universal Social Media Thread

I thought this was the kind of marketing that didn't work for Uni in their dark days? Do any of you remember this ad from 2006?

Universal Orlando - Are Your Kids Trying To Tell You Something? (2006) :30 (USA | Adland ®
The "dark days" didn't have Potter, Kong, Transformers, Volcano Bay, Despicable Me, Fallon, 5 hotels going on 6, good dining at citiwalk, minigolf course, etc, etc.

Universal was looked at as a 1-day "add-on" to a WDW vacation back then. Now Uni is trying to become it's own destination where you don't even step foot on WDW property.

Marketing mattered little back then because public perception was so different (and rightfully so at the time).
And that was without Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, one of the making icons of Universal nowadays. Universal back then was basically like what Hollywood Studios is today. Dull and crappy lmao


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Didn’t know where else to put this. Some people are reading into/questioning the choice to caps lock Roller Coaster on the announcement day tweet. Do we think this is reference to a near DK announcement, FF, or something for Orlando itself? Or is it nothing?