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"Is anyone awake?" The Universal Social Media Thread

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They have really been on fire lately. I can't think of another company's social media that is actually entertaining to follow
I agree they have a sense of humor. Some people they have massive conversations with seem a little too like they are chatting with their mate, and I've seen other people not getting replies during that time.

On the whole, it's useful though.
And this..
I'm guessing it had to do with all this. I actually get where Aiello is coming from. That's pretty rough.


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If you go on their Twitter account right now (12:11am est) and click on "Tweets & Replies" it's an absolute mess and they continue to tweet into the night! Their latest tweets are minutes ago and it's in responses to people asking if they are drunk, account hacked or having full convos with nude model twitter profiles.
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Not since this disaster have I seen a theme park look more foolish trying to act "cool"

Honestly! And they were doing really well on the whole social media side up till recently. They balanced the cool factor with the neutral business factor. I wonder what happened. The fact that it is going this late and this long tells me something is up.
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Were they hacked? Those tweets sound like any basic meme account, not a top theme park resort destination.
Were they hacked? Those tweets sound like any basic meme account, not a top theme park resort destination.
One has to think - or hope at least.

It looks like the last tweet was at EXACTLY midnight (which could mean the computers internally shutdown at that time and the person no longer has access), the park is long closed... there's no reason the Twitter account should be active again until the morning never mind in such a reckless fashion.
I do wonder if the ego/promotion/likes/attention/booze went to someone's head.

It's been non stop today though.
If it's not a hack, it's been a slippery slope of the last few months. My feeling is that it's just one guy
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There is a difference between clever and being ridiculous..

I know Mike loves the parks and the company, he is spot on...I hope they don't lose what ground they have made