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Kings Island General Discussion


aka TestTrack321
Feb 15, 2012
Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone
I was there on Friday for just an hour (benefits of a season pass and living 15 minutes away). I rode The Beast for the first time this year. It was remarkably smoother. I was in the very last car in the back which I haven't tried in years due to the roughness. It was an easy ride, with just a little shuffling. Gravity Group outdid themselves. The first hill feels steeper although it isn't any faster. I did feel the little hump that occurs at the entrance of the second tunnel (after the long run through the "shed"). The train goes down the incline, up towards the tunnel entrance, and GG added a small hump that the train goes over and dips into the tunnel. It's small, probably five feet or less, but it gives a very cool feeling going into that tunnel. The two helixes and tunnels were far easier to take and the whole ride was as fun as it used to be, years, if not decades, ago.

Rode Orion and it was more enjoyable than I remembered. Didn't have time for much else as I had to get back to work. The park itself looked very good and fresh.

That Beast news is FANTASTIC.


Veteran Member
Dec 14, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
This is really nice and in a section of the park that could use a little boost. When they stopped doing the animal petting zoo and the Peanut shows, that area became a little dead. Now, it will have some nice energy. When I want to just stretch my legs, I like to take the path from Planet Snoopy over to Soak City.