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Legendary Truth - The Collective 2010

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Can someone explain this Legendary Truth site to me. I don't understand what the concept behind it is or what it is about. I'm so confused. People calling it a game of some sort, missions, what?
I found this description and thought it described this perfectly:

Legendary Truth is a clue based multi-level story embedded in all elements of HHN. It can be accessed through the HHN website, the above web address or in park on select Frequent Fear nights. (THE COLLECTIVE field office will be open on specific frequent fear nights).

Hidden information, buried clues and subtle details from Legendary Truth - THE COLLECTIVE allow guests an opportunity to participate more and more in solving riddles that are woven into storylines, designs and construction of HHN.

Exploration of Universal Studios, now and on specific nights during HHN will offer an opportunity to follow clues revealed on the website and through text messaging. Visiting specific locations and noting architectural details of the park are key to making sense of the clues before they are revealed online as part of regular updates.
I missed the Legendary Truth game in '08, so this will be my first time...... Do you guys know if there's a sign-up process other than just joining their Facebook page?
I missed the Legendary Truth game in '08, so this will be my first time...... Do you guys know if there's a sign-up process other than just joining their Facebook page?

I missed it as well but it seems like you just need to show up. They didn't do the FB page in '08, just texting and using the HHN/LT websites.

Sadly, I doubt I'll make it to any of the meet-up/events this year for LT but will probably be a CRO for someone.
This is a quote of my post telling what happened "The Final Night" of Legendary Truth in 2008.

Sorry It's been a while guys. Okay breakdown of what happened. Starting at 8:15ish

I get to Jaws like seriously where the hell am I supposed to go. I was completely separated from my group and me and Mike(B33) were like WTF where is this thing. It was behind the hot dog stand which I never would have known I just knew Jaws.

I get there have an LT Badge but didn't have a number so after requesting to be placed in Cell 1 by TJ of Art and Design and getting done so. We find out that we are the last group to go. They decided to run the boats in opposite order, plus Cell 4 had all the "smart" people. So being the crew of Scott, Brooke, Mike, Chad, and other crazy fools we cause small amounts of ruckus. We like showing how we were number 1 with sign language and rick rolling people.

As we got called onto the boat we get one of the best Jaws rides ever. It was hilarious and I'll post the video of it later that some one from Cell 4 recorded. By far the best Jaws ride I've been on. We found out some vital information there. Basically some of us are Chum, and some of us are Sharks. We also found Boris' vacation home to this date. Which was how we found out he was alive initially. While getting off the boat he told us to go to Lombard's at 9:30

Well we got there early and took group pictures with us in front of the fire ball to bad none on them came out good though. Upon getting in though we basically find ourselves as a media event for the non-media. Information, concepts, art work, food, drinks, and A&D all awaited us on the inside. Once we were in it was essentially a party. Most people had a decent amount to drink and if they hadn't they were good company regardless. An awesome part A&D would answer all of our questions from 18 back.

What sucks is some people get too nerdish with HHN. Yes I just typed that. Me personally I get it. A&D are people to and I don't feel like bombarding them with questions. So I limited myself to a few question to only a few members. They were.

-Mike Where did you and Roddy learn to cut hair? He thought that was hilarious he didn't find out that was in the house till he went through out and they always have small things of the sort in the houses.

-TJ why was there no arrival show? I knew the answer and it was consistent to what everyone else was telling us.

-TJ why wasn't Sting Alley utilized? In original concepts it was but Streets was reduced and things were cut from the original design.

-Kim from A&D if she wanted to come into Doomsday with us later. She politely declined.

You guys know about the whole picture thing at the Skoolhouse I'm sure. I don't know when that will be on Legendary Truth but I hope it's soon enough I really want that picture. But basically that is what happened with Legendary Truth the final night. I'll update with pictures and the Moonlight Cruise later.
I don't know anything about Legendary Truth, so please regard my lack of knowledge, but is there any possiblity the employee that got kicked out could be an icon?
I don't know anything about Legendary Truth, so please regard my lack of knowledge, but is there any possiblity the employee that got kicked out could be an icon?

Well the thing about Legendary Truth is that it's just a sub-part of HHN. This year it has far more planning than in 2008 but still it's just a small section, so I doubt it.
Oh ok gotcha! Ahh yes I think I remember now, all those investigative reports on Dr. Mary, right?
That would be correct, and how Boris Schuster was the founder of Legendary Truth and so on and so forth. It gets confusing in there and I still don't really get parts of it. I'm really hoping this year it'll have a stronger story.
So if I'm getting this right LT is like another part of the HHN experience run by Universal Studios? Now is this official or on the side kind of thing? Is it like Rumours.com or Vault (when it existed) ppl would just get together and do the event in a group? So like is LT something Universal wants to give the SUPER enthusiasts of HHN something extra to do besides going into houses and getting the daylights scared out of them? B/C i personally follow the Official website read somethings and once I get to HHN I just like getting scared in the house, backstory kind of goes out the window for me. So is this just a big like Addition to how things were created and why these houses are up to scare us kind of deal? Like bringing RPG games to real life?
Yes this is seperate side-story/scavenger hunt that UO runs for the hardcore fans.

I'm not able to participate because it involved going to the event on multiple night, so mainly those with the frequent fear pass are the ones that follow this the most.
Here's a quote from the JHM article. (HERE)

“So when did we first begin talking about what we wanted to do for the 2009 Halloween Horror Nights?,” Michael said. “That would probably have been the Summer of 2008. With that year’s event, we were going to be finishing up a three year arc of stories that started with our Sweet 16 event, continued with Carnival of Carnage and then finished up with our Blood Mary / Urban Legends event. And given that we had Halloween Horror Night’s 20th anniversary coming up, we knew that we wanted to build to something really big.”

So it ended in XVIII. A lot of people argue what he meant by that, that there was some underlying story to those three years. However, I think he would have referred to it as "a three year story arc" not "a three year arc of stories", implying they were separate.
The LT facebook profile "updated" a while ago, sounds like they'll be watching speculation about LT closely and it looks like we've got a new name to work with:

Speculation on this site will be monitored, evaluated and when appropriate, authenticated on LegendaryTruth.com and by Advisory Notification here.

Ignatia Himmel, Esq.
Senior Executive Counsel

I've not heard of Ignatia Himmel before, and he doesn't seem to be on the staff section of the LT site...
If there was a "C" in there it could possibly spell out Michael Aiello, but its a G instead.
I sent Ignatia Fimmel (another LT worker) "Watch Gabriel Fell he doesnt look right." she sent back " Mr Fell is a genius, but just not good with photography"
( btw this is an official FB not like the jack or eddie FB accounts)