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Legendary Truth - The Collective 2010

And that is the tree that is wrapping itself around the latern, or the lantern is apart of the tree.
Just posted on the LT Facebook page:

WARNING! LegendaryTruth C.I.L. Main Network servers compromised...

Senior Staff directs all communications through social network connections until further notice. Notification of resumption of website communication once M.N.A. integrity restored...
I think Eddie might be the icon this year. Read his facebook page and tell me it doesnt sound foreshadowy.

I don't think so at all. If it was true, the Disaster! house would look more like RUN! than what it is now showen on current floor plans.

If anything, those marked photos might revimble what Vyrus said. A twisted family tree.
New photos, alerts and information have been posted on LT's Facebook page:

LT-TC SURVEILLANCE ARCHIVE (BACKUP RETRIEVAL SYSTEM P2-10). Recorded 02-06-10 AREA Ÿ7-Ω (corresponds to audio archive recording transcribed and released to COLLECTIVE)

Former LegendaryTruth Cell Director captured on camera during phone call to unknown source (thought to be unidentified Universal employee).

Images retrieved despite attempt to purge surveillance files by unknown high level staff member. Internal investigation continues...



LegendaryTruth THE COLLECTIVE last cooperated with Universal in 2008. The decision to discontinue our relationship was made shortly thereafter. In fact, Universal has resisted any association since, and is actively discouraging our investigation this year.

Ignatia Himmel, Esq. Senior Executive Counsel


Secondary close-up image from Surveillance Archive backup files.

Ignatia Himmel, Esq. Senior Executive Counsel

Can anybody tell me what the picture in the far left corner is of, because to my untrained eye it looks like a corridor in Hogwarts, haha.
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Here’s the latest information what’s going on with the Legendary Truth.

  • 6 selected members of “The Collective” were sent individual pictures to post on the Facebook thread. 5 were posted, but one was reluctant to until the time was right. (See LT Facebook page for the images.)
  • Legendary Truth has found out several images that are connected with the “burn marks” on the images posted. Some of which are the Reaper’s Scythe and the Sphere of Chaos.
  • Letter posted on 8/23 on the Facebook page by former Cell Director of the Southeast Region of Legendary Truth (Ryan Richards), indicates there are 5 demons trying to summon Adaru, the Sumerian god of fear. The 5 demons are labeled as “Vengeance,” “Death,” “Chaos,” “Mythos,” and “Sacrifice.”
  • Note from Ryan Richards:

    I’ve stayed quiet for as long as I can. As the former Cell Director, S.E. Region, LegendaryTruth THE COLLECTIVE, I came into possession of certain evidence that suggested an undiscovered connection to Halloween Horror Nights that began 20 years ago and grew stronger year after year. Supplied by a reliable source within Universal Art and Design group, these materials are parts of a symbolic design with 5 distinct sections, each representing an element of fear; Chaos; Death; Sacrifice; Legend; and Vengeance.

    Brought together and assembled into the recognizable symbol, the parts from a whole and produce an effect on a central source of the powers of Fear – a lantern. Long thought to be nothing more than a decorative prop, it will, and has proven to be anything but. Tonight, through the combined efforts of an unwitting group of well-meaning contributors, the circle is complete, the symbol is whole and the portal is opened. Darkness will descend…and then Fear will seek us all.

    My research at the LegendaryTruth offices in Princeton proved that this is not mere speculation but documented prophecy as foretold in the warnings of Dr. Abraham Lockheed in “Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil.” (Excerpt attached).

    Upon sharing my findings with my colleagues, I was ostracized, ridiculed, and finally terminated. Fearing the worst, I chose to disappear and until now have remained quiet. But, I have followed developments on this social network. Asked why I did nothing to stop it, I reply that I did try to stop it. But, as the prophecy clearly states, it cannot be stopped. Not until it is fully realized. So what is done is done. The question now is what can be done to reverse the damage.

    “Seek the Truth and the Spirit will be rewarded” – Ryan Richards, Spirit Seeker​
  • "Demons Among Us: Uncovering Evil" Excerpt:

    “We know fear as a response to a perceived threat: To be frightened or terrified. It allows us to be cautious when presented with a situation which might cause us harm. But before the Middle Ages, fear was not used to illustrate an emotional response, but instead defined an event or phenomenon, a physical thing, an entity. This is not a new idea. Greek mythology calls by name not one, but two gods of fear.
    The possibility that fear has a physical presence is mentioned in several ancient scrolls believed to be written by Babylonian priests. The scrolls describe that the demons of chaos, death, sacrifice, mythos, and vengeance heralded the way for a greater evil; an evil trapped inside an object. The priests call out that every five thousand years these five demons take form and claim souls in preparation for the arrival of Adaru or, translated from Sumerian, fear. For when the demons have claimed enough souls, Adaru will reveal himself and bring hell with him.
    However, in order for the five to even begin to prepare for the coming evil, they must first physically exist…they must be created. Egyptian wall paintings depict five men ritualistically standing around a lantern and dressed to represent the demons of Adaru. The soul of chaos is always depicted laughing and revealing himself from or holding an object like a Pandora’s Box. Death is always calm and calculated, seen all in black holding an hourglass. Sacrifice is shown always creating something no matter the cost. If it’s a painting, it is his own blood that soaks the canvas. A sculpture is created using the bones of the ones he knows. Mythos is always represented by someone holding a blood stained scroll or book. Vengeance is depicted showing one individual bludgeoning another with an object. This is object is always seen with light emanating from it.
    Another wall painting reveals the five men bowing to what is believed to be Adaru, the Demon of Fear. Shown standing in flames that lead back to the lantern, Adaru has a hand outstretched from which thorny brambles wrap the five men completely. Blood surrounds them.
Thank you for that major post Kevin. :rep: coming your way. The first four demons are obvious but I can't figure out who Vengance is. I'm guessing Mary but I'm not sure.
Vengeance - Either Mary, or Eddie.
Death - Caretaker
Chaos - Jack
Mythos - Storyteller
Sacrifice - Usher, or Director
Here's the list of Demons taken from the FB page and from my speculation as well. It really aligns to what the excerpt says:

Death - Caretaker ("Seen in black, holding an hourglass.)
Chaos - Jack (Need I say more?)
Sacrifice - The Director (He had a line in the Arrival Show in 16 that went "Death is the SACRIFICE I am willing to risk in the name of film." Or something like that.)
Mythos - Storyteller
Vengeance - Usher (Remember, whenever someone was being rude during a performance at the Universal Palace, he would hit them with a flashlight, killing the person.)

I do think Mary and Eddie may have a part in the event, but what they are doing is unknown.
Mary nor Eddie are included. Vengeance is the Usher. Due to some copy right reasons she won't be referred to by name is what I heard, and I do believe Sacrifice is the Director.
Mary nor Eddie are included. Vengeance is the Usher. Due to some copy right reasons she won't be referred to by name is what I heard, and I do believe Sacrifice is the Director.

Universal opted out of renewing the rights with the legal holder of the "Bloody Mary" name. The permission to utilize the moniker expired the day after the final night of the "Reflections of Fear" event held in 2008.

Hence why the character won't be referred to as "Bloody Mary" in the promotional material and media concerning the event.
New Facebook update from Legendary Truth:
Due to overwhelming new evidence in the current HHN investigation, I have called for some reassignments. The scope of this investigation must be expanded and we will need every member of the COLLECTIVE to help us. We have currently put the investigation on hold until we can finalize the new reporting structure. Once in place we will resume our investigation

Thank you,
Allison D. Endicott C.O.O.
From LT's Facebook page:
Full COLLECTIVE briefing scheduled for 6pm - 7pm Eastern Time, Wednesday Sept. 1st. on this Official LegendaryTruth Facebook site.

Allison D. Endicott