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Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America (HHN 33)

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Brian G.

Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Universal Orlando has announced Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America, a new original haunted house that will be featured at Halloween Horror Nights 33.

A refresher, if anyone is not familiar with the Hollywood house from this YouTube channel that I heard makes decent videos...

Very highly rated house from Hollywood (won HOTY for them). Ideas are the same, but visually, I believe the Orlando house will be a bit different from what Hollywood brought last year.
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I like the idea -- I'm a sucker for history/legend houses -- but if the rumors pan out, this is next-door houses starring a female vampire and female were-creature? Not entirely unprecedented (CitW and Evil Dead were the same year) but with the number of repeats, the feeling of samey-ness keeps recurring.
This is my most hyped house for this year and I’m so excited the rumors were true. Never saw the Hollywood one last year. Growing up in South Texas with a Hispanic family, my grandparents would tell me about the La Lechuza, a half owl half witch creature, that if it shows up on the roof of your house, someone close will die. Probably not the best story to tell a kid but I was intrigued. However it made me terrified of owls and the legend overall.
I know we don’t have Murdy here, so I’m hoping for no scents. The scents in this house and Holidayz were rough for me. Excited to see how Orlando does it!
We definitely have scents! Might not be as bad but we definitely do!
I'm so happy we are finally getting this! I'm half Mexican myself and grew up hearing about all these creatures from my aunts and uncles. A few of them actually thought they saw some of them and would tell us creepy stories.

I've seen a few of the Hollywood house videos and they all look great! I'm glad to finally experience this interpretation of the stories we heard as children.