Mount Crumpit in Seuss Landing?


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Feb 15, 2010
The Mushroom Kingdom
Sure, ok, so you have all of the ~8 acres for strictly attractions. No restaurants or shops. Because those would be "more or less nothing."

You know what I mean.

The LC area is outside of Hogsmeade. There's nothing Potter to put out there. Nothing that would affect crowd dispersal in any meaningful way. A full land based off of something people want to experience is going to do more for Potter crowd control than a random shop will


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Apr 1, 2013
Attractions are called that because it's what attracts people. Creating a separate deadzone to offset an overcrowded area means you still have a deadzone and an over crowded area. It would be great if the park was made of Playdough and they could break off parts from other areas and smash it in where needed, but this is the real world. LC is an opportunity to create a whole new land with interesting things to bring people in.
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Dec 24, 2015
OK - I'm wrong. I watched a video of a walkthrough of the area to get a refresher of what it looks like.

What I was actually arguing for is utilizing the space on the far side outside of the Hoggsmeade side train station, which currently just has a wall and some bushes. (I can't tell what is currently behind the wall, but from old google images it looks like maybe dumpsters?) I guess everyone is considering this to be "Hoggsmeade" already? This is where I'm proposing they have a breakfast shop and butterbeer cart, to reduce the foot traffic in the rest of Hoggsmeade (you could literally move one of the Butterbeer carts from the area to this section).

I agree that it wouldn't make sense to expand much further than this.
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