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Mummy Guards Cut


Mar 25, 2010
Budgeting for theme parks is a complicated thing. Things like SNW get funded from Corporate. But smaller additions come from the parks profits. USH has a lot of smaller projects in the works like JW:TR, SLoP, NBC Sports Grill & Brew, and Toothsomes. USH also shot themselves in the foot by overshooting the acceptable price point for APs and have had to backtrack on that.

It sucks, but some cuts had to be made.

This is the answer I was looking for. I mean, really the personal interactions make the visits to the park very special for many people.

But also... There is much to be said about cutting out whole roles rather than getting fancy and figuring out how to keep some consistency with the appearance of the park.
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Jun 27, 2017
Or you know, company executives who are making millions can take a little pay cut instead of taking the problems with their bad decisions out on frontline workers. GREED!!!
I love how its 28 bucks for parking...but yeah minimum wage is going up so we can't pay people

Yes you can...just stop wasting money paying CEOs and always having to have record high stocks. Percentage wise most people make less money now then back in the 70s....and they have unions then too....its like you said greed