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NBC Sports Grill & Brew (USH)


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Nov 23, 2013
All I said is that it’s somewhat related lol. Didn’t imply any of this.
Just because NBCSport's television network is shutting down, it doesn't mean it's going to wreck the Hollywood or Orlando branded restaurants.

NBCSports, is a brand. Clear as day. And it's a brand that seemingly for Peacock, will thrive (considering the Olympics). If anything, it makes me more curious to how NBCSports Grill Brew will accommodate for Hollywood's sporting events: such as the Kings, Dodgers, Rams, and Chiefs. By all accounts, I could actually see them taking Howl at The Moon; and converting that into a full on recording studio for NBCSports as a whole. Albeit similar to how NBCSports Grill Brew in Orlando has one of their own recording studios for podcasts.
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