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Punga Racers 2.0


Veteran Member
Jun 21, 2016
@Alicia actually pointed out that they asked for more and explained a bit more about this figure:

Got it. I wish we had a lawyer who knew more about this in here. Sometimes with punitive, the judge will award significantly more than they sue for.

The judge did that in the "McDonald's Coffee" infamous case.

Magic Feather

Contributing Member
Apr 19, 2019
So would you guys say all these issues mainly stemmed from a rushed development/construction? Or is this park just particularly unlucky?
Punga? No, it's due to ProSlide engineering.
Punga’s ending, Honu’s slightly altered angles (which was never a major issue, but it cut it a little past the ride envelope they wanted), and Kala Tai Nui’s Ending are the only main issues able to be attributed to ProSlide themselves (not to discount the issues and how they could violate trust, because they were bad).

A lot of Volcano Bay’s issues popped up because they were rushed. Theyreally needed about another month or two to play test a lot of elements, but Uni pushes the park to be open for the lucrative summer season. Some mildly consistent testing of the slides with people (apart from a very small handful of TM previews) would have given Uni real capacity numbers to work with. Effectively all electrical errors were/are Universal problems. The lack of Tapu test and adjust is a Universal problem (I know it’s a 3rd party system, but Universal effectively took ownership of it. Almost all of Tapu’s initial issues apart from falling off (which still happens) were Universal.

I can’t think of a single person in Universal Corporate that is “proud” of the opening of Volcano Bay, but now that the park has grown into itself it is one of Orlando’s best balanced waterparks.


Nov 3, 2019
Was any more work done to Punga after the off winter season? Rode it in October and found it to be very rough, something I didn't notice when it had mats, and really felt the (sorry don't know technical term) part where two separate pieces of the slide come together.... it hurt my back so much coming down the slide, had to sit up a little...is there any way to buff those parts out? Did anyone else experience this??? The experience was so bad I'm nervous to go down now any slide that doesn't have a tube/raft now at VB