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Ridding the Toxicity


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Mar 30, 2015
After another instance of stupidity - we're going to extremes. No other choice we see, sadly.

Next one that starts something with another user, whether it be on the pro or con side, is getting a week ban.

I miss all the fun.
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Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
There's been an absolute ton of stuff that's happened in the theme park world in the past weeks.

* The opening of the most divisive theme park land in recent memory (Avatar)
* A water park opening that's had a divisive start (VB)
* A ride opening based on a divisive concept (Guardians in Cali)

Everything that the community has argued about over the years has opened in the past couple weeks. Then, add on some of the inevitable growing pains with the merger.

I'm sure that all of this will calm down in a couple weeks and people will go back to normal.
Really good points. Probably explains most everything.:thumbsup: Divisive issues create divisive discussions. Theme parks are somewhat similar to politics. But we try not to talk about politics;):lol:
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May 19, 2013
I think a lot of this, well other than just the general downfall of civility in society, is just this is the first time we've had Dis and Uni opening major things in the same time period in the modern era. It has brought out the hardcore fans of each brand and given them something new to argue about. And its showing the ugliness of people. Before the "yeah it's new but it's just another screen ride" people couldn't respond to the "well at least they are built something this decade" argument, so everything stayed remotely civil. Now, people are just going overboard and are going to say their thing is the best ever and point out all the flaws with the other sides new thing. And it has gotten old quick. It's usually the same people over and over, and its on both sides. I get wanting to be impartial, but don't let a few people ruin this place for everyone. I'm excited for what both companies are going to come out with over the next few years, but I'm afraid it'll be squashed by the toxicity here. I'm afraid if things don't improve, Nintendo vs Star Wars will rip this place apart.
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