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(Rumor) New Potter Attraction to Replace Fear Factor Live?


Veteran Member
Aug 7, 2018
The puzzle theatre show themed to Potter with a sitdown, Mythos quality restaurant attached is what I want here to extend Diagon. It’s hard to have the land from Diagon, to MIB, just be Facade tho. So hopefully the restaurant can be accessible outside of Diagon.


Contributing Member
Dec 24, 2015
too simple of a name

DreamWorks SING-Along: Can't Stop This Feeling Magical Adventure - The Show!
I think this should take the stage in the Production Way area. It would fit with A) the Illuminations IP in area, and with the music theming of RRR in the area.

Or take the old Blue Man Group / Nickelodeon building. (They'd have to restructure the side entrance though.)


Veteran Member
May 14, 2014
Seoul, Korea
A Scott Pilgrim ANYTHING would be awesome. Wish the movie did better, I don’t think we’ll ever see the IP in the parks.

Looks like universal is producing this for Netflix so they are still supporting the IP


Contributing Member
Dec 3, 2020

Looks like universal is producing this for Netflix so they are still supporting the IP
Still don’t see it in the parks, far too niche for any real presence.


Veteran Member
Aug 8, 2018
People always say these empty theater spaces should be utilized but I never see any concrete ideas about what properties Uni should use.